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Thread: my first cycle HCG problem

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    Red face my first cycle HCG problem

    HI guys
    I'm 23 , weigh 200lbs and have been training for 3 years
    I decide to start my first cycle and i did a lot of researches about stroied and this stuff and I decided to start with this

    *test enthate
    1-10 500mg wk
    1-5 200mg wk
    5-10 250mg wk
    5-10 50 mg ed
    7-10 750 imu e4d
    1-10 0.5mg every other day

    11-14 Clomid 100/100/50/50
    11-14 Nolvadex 50/50/25/25

    I knw some of you guys will say start with test I knw but I wana try it together that y am taking small amount of Deca

    i had 3 questions

    1-about HCG can i use it last 2 weeks of the cycle and the first 2 week of the PCT
    means 9-12 or not right to us it during the PCT

    2-what is the alternative of armidix

    3-about the diet after the cycle if am bulking and am taking about 4000 cal per day during the cycle after the cycle how much should i take to keep going on my gain
    i dnt wana to get a lot of fats am trying my best to be clean bulking ,all i want is keep my gain stable after the cycle

    too much question ^_^ am sry guys i hope you can help me and thanx a lot

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    I answered in other thread.

    We don't really need 2 threads for the same topic.

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