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Thread: First Cycle, Test E, Need your help and opinion!

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    First Cycle, Test E, Need your help and opinion!


    I'm planning my first steroid cycle.

    I'm 32, been training for 5 years.

    1.77cm and 75kg.

    10 Week Test E Cycle that looks like this:

    Week 1 - 10
    Test E (500mg a week) Pin on Monday and Thursday
    HCG (500ius a week) Pin Monday and Thursday
    Aromasin 12.5mg EOD

    Week 11 & 12:
    HCG (1000ius a week) Pin on Monday and Thursday


    Week 13 - 18:
    Tore ED 120/120/60/60/60/60
    Tamox ED 20/20/20/20/20/20

    Should I take 12.5 Aromasin EOD on week 11 & 12?

    Your opinions are truly appreciated!

    Thanks everyone!

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    I would go week 12-15 Aromasin and bridge to the PCT @12.5 and go to 25 if your prone to gyno . I'm guessing you don't know since it's first cycle .I would then use nolva and Clomid

    Also I wouldn't burn out your system of the first run . You'll see size increase @500E EOD for duration of cycle .
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    I was just about to ask you Admin about that PCT. I think we had another guy suggest it but couldn't remember the thread.

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