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Thread: TEST 400

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    TEST 400

    Hi guys anyone have experience with test blends??? its t400 by sport biotech… been almost 2 weeks every time i inject I'm in pain in the area and have flu like symptoms and just feel like shit all the time… any feedback

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    Can you post a pic? Real Biotech (it's faked alot over the past 2 years) is some of the most potent ugl gear out there. I'm not a test blend fan, but I have never heard a negative comment about Bio T400. In fact, I know of one guy right now that has used it for going on 4 years for both blast and cruise (TRT). It is potent, potent gear if legit. I've used their tren, Deca, Test c, test p, winny, var, and have gotten incredible results. I've got a pretty keen eye for their fakes. I have several empties I can compare to.

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    Ive used their T400, Deca, EQ, Drol and Var....biggest I ever got was on their T400
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