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Thread: Detox/Juice Cleanses

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    Detox/Juice Cleanses

    Does anyone know anything about detox's or juice cleanses? They are expensive... Are they really worth it?> Are they really good for you? Would love to hear any opinions. Also, is it okay to workout while doing one? I wondered if you would have enough energy, etc. Seems a little strange but often when I am working out daily, lifting, etc. I don't really feel small. I have been struggling with that as I know that is what is good for me but often only feel "skinny" when I am not eating alot. I also know when you don't eat enough though you tend to store fat I believe. Trying to find a balance... I naturally seems to have more of an appetite when I am working out harder and more often.

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    When working out, due to the burning od calories, getting hungry is the bodys way of restoring what it lost, so to speak. As far as the detox, Dr. OZ is really big on them, but I think they may be a waste of money for several reasons. For one, a diet high in fiber should be a staple. This will keep your body regular and help reduce the bloat and fullness. And I am very big on the use of a probiotic! I find that these things are amazing for me, and anyone else for that matter. They are cheap and readily available. Choose one with 2+ million organisms for best results. Eat plenty of fruits and veggies, fiber cereal, and you should be good, and results will be more natual than a detox, that might keep you near the bathroom all day long.
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