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A solution for my Knees ?

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  • A solution for my Knees ?

    Hello All,
    I come here with a problem looking for a solution. I will be very appreciative to anyone who may be able to help in any way. Iím currently reading and studying a lot (probably 8 hours just today) so I hope nobody feels Iím here out of laziness, and Iím certainly not here looking to find the easiest way to get huge. I just want to solve a problem if I can and Iím not looking for shortcuts or ways to avoid work.
    So, my knees hurt, a lot. Iíve lived with this for long enough that I know there is some kind of damage or condition. Iíve tried different diets, and variations to my lifestyle and so far the problem only persists if not worsens.
    Before I go any further I will say that I am in the process of finding a doctor I can work with and determining what is wrong, so know that Iím serious.
    If I decide it is a good solution I am considering using various AAS and Growth Hormone coupled with training dedicated to promoting repair as I have read some encouraging things about both in being able to heal joint injuries. I am interested in finding a cure, not a treatment. So, assuming I have damage or wear (I feel due to injury and perhaps chronic inflammation) I want to know if AAS/HgH use can repair my damage and then how to proceed. I donít know if there is a solution here, but If anyone is interested in reading further I will provide more information below. I just want to be able to walk again without having to think about it, hesitating and holding back.

    I am 30 now. Male. 6 Foot Tall. Naturally lean. I weigh 160lbs with a low bodyfat percentage though Iím not sure exactly how much.

    Persistent pain. In general itís a burning pain that is present pretty much all hours of the day but while I am using my knees for anything, even just walking, It is the kind of pain you get from jumping off of something too tall, which under normal circumstances would go away in minutes to hours but for me only goes away or subsides if I get off my feet.

    Creakyness in the joint. When I bend my knees in either direction I can put my finger on the kneecap and actually feel the little creaky pops that are taking place. They donít especially hurt each time but Iím also certain it wasnít always this way.
    Swelling. Recently my left knee swelled up a bit and I noticed a new pop in it. It wasnít red, just swollen.
    Limited range of motion. Recently, along with the swelling in my left knee I also have experienced that if I squat past a certain point the joint seems tight and the pain significantly increases if I push past this point. Both the limited range of motion and swelling flared up a couple nights after I put in a good leg workout. Before this it was just persistent burning.
    Loss of mobility. Anything concerning use of my knees is limited now because in both my conscious and subconscious I know that pushing farther than a certain point results in a prolonged increase in pain which is significant because I interpret this as being associated with injury. This is now affecting my coordination.
    Climbing stairs is easier than descending stairs.

    This has been with me now for the past 3 years. Growing up and throughout my early 20s I had the persistent portion of this problem only a couple times between 20-25, but it went away. I do not have any medical conditions that I am aware of, though, I wonder whether I have some form of arthritis. My joints naturally like to pop/crack. It seems the more I train the less they do this. In the past I have popped/cracked my knees because they felt like they needed it and it felt good. I stopped a long time ago just because I had a bad feeling about it. When it happens accidentally it typically ends up making my knees flare up.

    I work a lot and do have a lot of stress with a full time job and a business of my own. My sleep is not always what it should be and I am sedentary more than I would like. When I train I tend to not go at anything easy which is why I feel like, looking back, I have injured myself. I have had a weakness, I feel, for years and that is that I do too much sitting. My work necessitates a large amount of this but also I find that my recreation does as well (sitting in front of a computer reading, watching videos or playing games). When Iím not sitting I find myself on the other extreme, standing for hours, with very little dynamic motion. I consider both to be pretty sedentary. I feel that going from this into training has been a shock to my joints, but primarily to my knees and has resulted in damage.
    I eat 3 meals a day and try to sleep 6-8 hours a night. I eat good food, what I believe is usually referred to as clean, and when I can I try to make it organic. My diet is something like that of the food pyramid, pretty balanced. I may be a little light on fruits and meats. Iíve tried a high fat diet for a while and during that time I may have had a little less pain. I drink about a gallon of water a day. Drinking less seems to make the problem worse.
    For the last 3 months I have been training 3 nights a week and have gained 12 pounds which is probably mostly muscle and density. I go to classes that are a little on the crossfit side if you had to classify it, a mixture of weighs, bodyweight and strongman type exercises. It tends to be both cardiovascularly demanding and demanding of strength. I am certainly pushed to my limit each night.

    I feel that for years due to my lifestyle I have kept my body in a state of being torn down rather than building up (catabolic rather than anabolic). As I understand it, cartilage in joints regenerates much slower than in muscle tissue. I have read that both Equipoise and Deca are great for joints (because of increases to cartilage synthesis) and Iíve read a few things that say they may be able to actually heal joint injuries. Iíve heard that to do this you wouldnít necessarily need the dosage you would to build loads of muscle. I have also read that Growth Hormone helps repair joints. This is all extremely interesting to me and so Iím looking for people with experience who I can speak with and learn from.
    I have taken a lot for granted in the past due to possessing youth but knowing that now I am fully ready to change and adopt anything into my lifestyle in order to fix this problem. I will no doubt learn a lot from visiting the doctor and hopefully with all things considered I can get my legs back and live normally again. Thanks very much to anyone who has any useful input.