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Thread: healing an old injury

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    healing an old injury

    I have a nagging neck injury for a car wreck that wont go away. It is 4 years old and under xray and mri show that c5 and c6 vertebrae are moving to much when i look up or down. I have rounded shoulders and a stiff thoratic spine that make the issue worst. Ive done PT and also tried proloythearpy with no luck. Most of the doctors agree that the ligaments are stretched out allowing the vertebra to move causing inflammation. Ive heard great things about Tb 500 and ghrp 6 and mod cj127. So ive researched them and orderd them and have started 2 weeks with the tb 500 and about to add the GH peptides when the correct syringe sizes come in. Just looking to see if any one has any suggestions on treating this issue, ive heard good stuff about Deca for joints but dont know anyone selling that. I might also try cryothearpy. realy dont want to have surgery over this issue.

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    I would follow along with the Dr's orders as best as you could. Find a doctor that isn't trying to break the bank, which is hard these days. I will vouch that Deca does in fact make my arthritic joint feel much better and gives me great relief. HOWEVER, I would never use it specifically for that issue. It is nothing more than a temporary cover up to the real problem. Not to mention the negative effects on heart health and hormone supression, which is worse in my opinion. I do like running small doses on cycle, but that's my extent of it these days, for the most part. I will cycle on it here and there. As far as peps go, I don't think TB 500 can be beat from all I have heard. I've been hearing it for years from older guys using it for minor to moderate aches and pains and it really seems to help. No personal experience, but I have faith in it.

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