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Thread: CJC-1295 & Ipamorelin start up

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    CJC-1295 & Ipamorelin start up

    Hey this is my First time logging my experience with peptides for other people.

    I have tried Igf Lr3 at high doses but as i feared and have read its not that good or anything just a good pump thats it..
    and i runned peg mgf kinda worked but not as i hoped and was expecting.. so im trying someting new and i got more info about it and how to run it best..

    So a little about me, im 192.5cm and 79kg (6,31 feet & 174.16 LBS) so not the biggest guy on the Block but quite tall..

    So Here is what im gonna run and doses

    CJC 1295 w/dac - 500mcg twice a week (Tues and Fri)

    Ipamorelin - same mcg as body Weight 3-4 times a Day..

    Im also looking for huperzine a, Pyrostigmine Or Galantamine but since i live in a f***** country im not quite sure how to get it..

    In case you dont understand why i want them here is some info;

    1) Exogenously supplied GH secretagogue CJC-1295 signals pituitary to release HGH, the amount of GH released is GREATER than without acetylcholineesterase inhibitor due to suppression of somatostatin.

    2) Pituitary releases HGH creating a surge, however, somatostatin levels fail to rise after the release, therefore the pituitary remains responsive to secretagogues to signal more release of HGH, and the CJC-1295 fails to degrade due to its design thus lasting 24 hours a day for 8-10 days from an injection.

    3) After the HGH is released, ANOTHER surge is immediatley signalled by the still active CJC-1295, and then another surge, and another, and another, and another, and another, and in the time span that 1 natural surge wouldve happened and another would be ready to go, probably 20x as many surges have already occured.
    So im starting on the mix once i get it in the mail and ill start logging, and do my best to get a hand on those acetylcholineesterase..

    Thats it for now! If the text is wrong on some words im sorry im Norwegian so english is my second language..
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