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Thread: Thymosin Beta 4 (TB500) - Course advisement

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    Thymosin Beta 4 (TB500) - Course advisement

    Hey Guys

    Absolute Beginner here.

    Ive bought 15 mg of TB500 to heal a pretty sever hamstring tear.

    I wanted to know the dosage most people start with.

    as i purchased off an online site and was advised 0.25ml a day for 5 days on 2 off.

    i seem to find this is a VERY low dosage in comparison to a lot of forums ?

    can someone tell me what the standard ML per week would be to insure a fast and effective healing course .

    AS i have a BD u -100 syringe which i believe holds .50 ml

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    Great choice of peptide! I've seen awesome results first hand. The typical dose is 2mg a couple of times a week for about 4 weeks if I remember correctly. Then the dose should be lowered to a maintenence dose and injected once or twice a month.

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