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Thread: Hi, new here and needing help

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    Hi, new here and needing help

    Hi all,
    Been training for about 6 months now.
    Age 50
    At Xmas I was overweight @ 16st and did cardio to lose 3st. I found myself gravitating to the free weights, watching other people and doing what they do - my progress is ok, can see abs now coming through and my old suits fit me better than ever with noticable gains in muscle.
    However, I want to gently give my natural growth (being an old guy) a boost in terms muscle gain but so much out there. Thought I'd found an answer with Test, to then discover there are loads of types.
    I hate making mistakes and would appreciate anyone's advice, especially someone who has had a late start and is my age range/next to my own in terms of supplements, 'recommended additives', training plans, routines.
    Many thanks in anticipation

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    Whats your bf %?

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