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Thread: Last resort...

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    Last resort...

    After many failed diets to gain weight I have decided to try a less natural way to get bigger. I have been 5'11'' 140 pounds +\- 7 pounds since highschool. (Now going on 26 yo) I have tried many different diets and work out plans and after a few months of blood sweat and tears in the gym I usually only gain or lose 2 pounds. As an army vet I have tried many gym nuts diets and work out plans to no avail, gym work isn't hard for me to commit to, I actually enjoy smoking the hell out of my body. My question to you guys is what would you recommend to use for shear mass gain? Availability for anything is a non-issue. As previously mentioned, I'm a pretty lean but very frail body type. Thank you for your concerns and recommendations, I will research and appreciate any advice given!

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    You obviously need to improve your diet and learn how to eat properly. List what you ate yesterday, including macros for all foods.

    What country and service?

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