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    Hi, Nice to be here. I really need some knowlege based on anti aging. Firstly I am a female in my mid 40"s. I am about 5 feet 5 inches tall. I weight about 125 lbs. My concerns are teh following:
    thinning hair getting grey,, very thin skin that is loose, can't lose weight although diet is great and only exercise a little bit but I am not a body builder just a mom trying to grow old gracefully. Low thyroid (not bad because I never had a problem before. brain got, and vision is getting bad although I have never needed glasses. I have read for weeks on several topics on what could help so here is what I am debating upon:
    1. Epitalion or Epitalon for anti aging and lengthening telomeres
    2. Semorelin/ and Ipamorelin so I do't get all the bad sides and I don't work out all that much very busy with family mostly on the go.
    3. HGH -cost is a litttle to hgih for me at the time
    Also looked at injecting GHK-CU l copper peptides for skin and hair. CAN THAT BE INJECTED SUB Q? I can't lose any weight so its really messing up my sense of well being. I was always thin and tan in my younger years. ANY SARMS? MK-466? EPO? for rejuvinating blood? Oxytocin for overall feeling happy and euphoric.
    I am tired of spending all my money and a lot of times on scammers and b.s. products that show no results.. I want what works and I will stay committed to whatever protocol I buy. Please help if anyone has any good knowlegeable feed back or better yet if any of you have experimented yourselfs. I am open to new and better options as well. Also what daeages are recommended to inject to how many milligrams, and how many iu's to inject.. Most appreciated for whatever you feel actually works and whatever knowledge you can share I would be forever grateful !
    Sincerely, :LEXY[/B]

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    Hi Lexy. Welcome!

    This got my attention: "Epitalion or Epitalon for anti aging and lengthening telomeres ". I didn't know such research had been done but I haven't been reading much about it lately. I'll be looking into that for sure.

    I know a few people who swear by oxytocin. I have not tried it myself.

    HGH is out of my price range ATM as well but I will be adding it to my supplements list in the near future.

    The only thing I could possibly give any direction on is AAS but being that you're a woman and probably want to stay that way, and are concerned about your health, that probably isn't going to help you!

    Welcome though, others I'm sure can!

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    Welcome to the board Lexy! I've read and re read all you posted, and I must say, you've done your homework. I'm on board with most all you talked about,and especially oxytocin. I'd persuade you awe at from AAS,which you don't seem concerned about anyways. Certain SARMS can effect vision, so on that I'd say research more. I'm not a fan of them anyways. Peptides on the other hand.....
    TB400 is an amazing compound for anti aging. I've seen first hand from several didn't people, both sexes, various ages, etc and have yet to first hand see anything negative. I think we have a study on here about it and I'll try to find it for you.
    HGH, if you can afford it, do that. I'm so jealous how little women have to spend and use with both anabolics and peptides. You will greatly benefit from a single iu of GH. I would recommend 2, but 1 is plenty. The restorative factors of therapeutic doses are second to nothing else.

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