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Thread: Holy jeez, no power for 3 days in -15 C weather!

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    Holy jeez, no power for 3 days in -15 C weather!

    Just letting you all know why I've been scarce over the last few days: we in southern Ontario here in Canada recently had a really bad ice storm that knocked out power for 250,000 - 300,000 homes in the Toronto area. I just got power back up as of yesterday morning, just in time for Christmas. Was without it for 3 days in -15C weather (that's 5 degrees F for you Fahrenheit people).

    News - Worst ice storm in years coats southern Ontario, cuts power to thousands - The Weather Network

    Some Toronto customers could be in the dark until weekend | CityNews
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    There's a shitload of people here in Maine (at least there were a few days ago) that were out of power for days too. Makes it kinda hard to play with the Nintendo Santa brought you.

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