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Thread: If you are AMERICAN, please take an active role and DO something about this...

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    If you are AMERICAN, please take an active role and DO something about this...

    I'd make a blog post about this (a big one), but my life is very busy with school and writing main articles for, but there has been a lot of development lately on new anti-steroid legislation, and there is a new anti-steroid bill being proposed in congress:

    2% might look low, but it's still too high for this bullshit. And it is bullshit.

    Possession of Aromatase Inhibitors? 10 years and $500,000 penalty per violation. Serious rec drugs of a specific type I can't mention on here in your possession? Indeterminate sentencing, out in 1/3rd, $25,000 penalty.

    Spread the word about this. The best I can do as a Canadian is remind you guys of what's happening in YOUR government.
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    Seems as though this is happening around the world too. In AUS they recently changed the penalties to 25 years too.

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    This is unbelievable. Absurd. What can be done here?

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    Thanks for the info! i had no clue.

    two co-sponsors.

    Hatch, Orrin [R-UT]
    McCain, John [R-AZ]

    two more scum sucking politicians who don't believe in personal liberty. they want govt to own our bodies and tell us what we can and can put into them, absurd.

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