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Thread: thoughts on DMAA as a cutting agent?

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    thoughts on DMAA as a cutting agent?

    What are your thoughts on using DMAA?

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    DMAA is 1,3-dimethylamylamine and is/was the main active ingredient in Jack3d and in the old formula for 1MR. It is a stimulant that is related to amphetamine, Ephedrine, etc. and mainly used for its stimulant effects and the energy it provided. I have not seen much of any data in regards to its effects or efficiency on fat metabolism, which leads me to believe that it probably has far less of an effect on that area. I think in that regard, you're better off using Ephedrine. Although DMAA is a modified relative of Ephedrine and other sympathomimetic amines, its structural differences probably make it less effective at burning fat than other related compounds like Ephedrine, and more effective at its CNS stimulant effect in providing energy and temporary boosts in strength.
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    Thank you.

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