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Thread: Does anybody?

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    Does anybody?

    Does anybody find the muscle group they trained the day or two before is not as full or as ... 'Peaky' ?? Like my traps for example. I did shoulders 2 days ago and MURDERED my traps but yeah the height is ok but when I squeezed them together stretching today and touched my traps I found that they didn't protrude out of my back as much..Like the width is GOOOOONE. It was there last week? Maybe it's just not popping because its... Healing? I don't know it's weird I can't see how a muscle can change in 2 frigging days. I dunno... I find like there's 3 steps for me. Training/pump--healing/flaccid(?)--ready/normal size... I don't know... Shots weird even my biceps are like that right now and I trained them yesterday.

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    I'd say healing. When you are training a lot the muscles seem to contract, even when you've done the muscle group several days before. When you stay active, muscles stay tight. If you work out for say like a 6 week period seceral times a week and take a week off at the end, You will swell up during That down time. Your cns is getting an amazing break, and your muscles have a lot of time to relax and "puff" back up. It happens to me everytime. Like for me, since I'm on an 8 week cycle, ill train for 8 full weeks, then take a week off of everything at the end. And I expect my muscles to grow nicely in that week. That week for me shows my hard work. When I'm Just cruising, I generally train 6 weeks and take 1 off at the end.

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