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Gmail Backup Tool?for Secure Backup

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  • Gmail Backup Tool?for Secure Backup

    Backup Gmail emails regularly to protect your Gmail data from corruption and any disaster. It also enhances you as a thoughtful email user. So, the purpose of this post is to inform you about the best Gmail backup tool by Shoviv that perfectly and smoothly backups Gmail messages to PST files.

    Shoviv Gmail Backup Tool provides a convenient way for Gmail users to backup and restore in one dashboard. Willing to backup Gmail emails to PST without any harm with its advanced algorithms and a simple GUI. Its highly advanced and user-centric features make this solution more convenient.

    Feature and functionalities of this tool:
    • There is no limit on the number of source files of any size to add and process.
    • It supports creating and running multiple back-ups and restoring jobs in batches.
    • Scheduler feature: There is no need to memorize the process of backup Gmail emails. You can use the scheduler feature in this tool to set up the process daily, weekly, and monthly.
    • A default incremental feature: Sometimes, the process may require interruption, and you need to proceed with this. It helps to resume the interrupted process.
    • This software also can thoroughly read OST files. So it enables restoring backup files and other OST/PST files in Gmail without any modification in the actual data.
    • This tool allows multiple threads to drive to maximize processing speed with accuracy.

    Concluding words:

    The Gmail email client is the predominant and most attractive one among businesses and individuals, so backup Gmail emails should be a priority. Shoviv Gmail Backup Tool is an excellent plan to protect your Gmail data and is easy to import into Gmail for further use. The best part of this tool, it is advantageous in the evaluation version to help you get a fair estimate of the stability of this software.

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    Using DRS Gmail Backup Tool, you can easily create a complete backup of Gmail mailbox items, including Google Contacts, Calendar, Photos, Drive, Gmail, and Hangout Chats. If you want to create a precise and accurate backup file that contains only necessary mailbox data, opt for the Migrate or Backup Emails without Attachment files option. It will leave all the attachments from migration.


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      Shoviv Gmail Backup and Restore is an advanced and secure software that allows users to backup Gmail emails locally in PST and other file formats. It offers features like scheduling backups, filtering emails, preventing data loss, and resuming interrupted backups. The tool supports backing up multiple Gmail accounts and has a user-friendly interface. It is compatible with all Windows operating systems.