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What is your weekly training routine?

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    Since I had my surgery my routine has been

    Sunday - sleep and pig out
    Monday - sleep and pig out
    Tuesday - sleep and pig out
    Wednesday - sleep and shop and pig out
    Thursday - sleep and shop and work on the charger and not eat
    Friday - sleep and drink beer and work on the charger
    Saturday - sleep

    Hahaha... Had a few set backs with my healing so I decided to stop doing all physically activity completely and just lived normally... Whatever that means. But I'm tired of being so lazy and inactive so... Starting back Monday full force! I'm going to try to get my ass up early from now on and get the gym out of the way super early in the AM. Will make me less tempted to come up with excuses as to why I shouldn't go (until I fall back into a routine)


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      Originally posted by warmouth View Post
      Almost identical to mine, and a good split too! Mine:
      Chest(and shrugs)
      Legs(with claves)
      Shoulders(with shrugs)
      Back(and calves)

      Been at this for 8 weeks, with is usually longer than I like, but its still working great!
      Man, I've been running this routine for years. I used to do something along the lines of:


      And would rotate the days, i.e., Mon/Wed/Fri off Sat/Sun, then the next week, Tues/Thurs/Sat/Sun, then back to Mon/Wed/Fri. It was just too much, made for some looooooooonnnnnnggggggg workouts and I felt like I was short changing myself. Now, I can focus all my effort on a single muscle group and not worry about having to move all to have enough time to hit another. I agree, its a pretty nice way to work out. I really like the fact that you have an entire 7 days to recover and heal. With my old set up, many times you would still be sore from a previous, chest workout for example, before you were right back on chest again. I think that led to a lot of overuse injury for me. Since going to this one day a week workout, (fingers crossed) I've not had NEAR the issues from injury.