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First Cycle Steroid Options

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  • First Cycle Steroid Options

    So you've thought about it long enough and its coming to that time you think you'e ready to embark on an anabolic steroid cycle. You're 21 years+ and have been training solidly for 3-5 years. You have the foundation and realise that if you don't and do steroids, most of your gains will be lost...

    Your diet is spot on (and posted in the Diet Forum fo critique) and you don't miss meals every day. Your lift progression has slowed right down and the scales aren't moving in the right direction. You have changed your diet up, increasing calories and playing with macro nutrients and increased volume and intensity.

    You've studied what to take and what not to take, how to control side effects such as estrogen increasing, acne and coming off steroids efficiently. You know all about PCT Post Cycle Therapy, as that's arguably more important than the steroid cycle anyway.

    You have read almost ALL of the articles on including Steroid Profiles , as well as articles on PCT, AI's, SERMs so your knowledge is unquestionable!

    You have a legit steroid source that has a good reputation and want to know what options you have...

    The first piece of solid advice is to get over a needle phobia if you have one. Yes, orally active anabolic steroids are effective, but there is going to be a time when you're going to need to start using injectable AAS.

    Part 1. Oral First Cycles

    (First) Oral Only Cycle

    There are not a great deal of options here, but there are some. My advice is to stay away (mostly) from the over the counter (OTC) Designer Steroids widely available. A lot of them can cause serious health implications, such as, increased liver values, acne and gynecomastia and are also poorly understood. So stick with the tried and tested oral steroids that have been around a long time.


    Its not advised, but these steroids can be used in a first oral cycle efficiently and safely. The hardest impacted part of the body when doing an oral steroid cycle is often the liver and then the HPTA. ALL steroids will lower endogenous testosterone to some degree, so maintaining ones sex drive becomes paramount. Although some steroids, won't impact this as much as others. Examples using the above compounds are below.

    Anavar (Oxandrolone)

    wk 1-8 Anavar 60-80mg/ED
    *Proviron 25-50mg/ED

    The addition of Proviron is advised or kept on hand, just in case the user does suffer an impaired sex drive. Although, because Anavar is a DHT derived steroid so cannot aromatase to estrogen, a lowered labido shouldn't be too much of a concern either. If it does become apparent, 25-50mg/ED will suffice.

    Some sort of lipid support needs to be run with an oral only cycle as well as a liver aid. Liv 52, UDCA or TUDCA. These can be used to protect the liver or can be used to detoxify the liver post AAS use. See what works best for you, then use the most efficient method.

    PCT is then done to restore testosterone function back to normal levels prior to the steroid being used. We do this by using selective estrogen modulators (SERMs). These compounds, as are all steroids mentioned in this sticky, are described in far more detail in the relevant Steroid Forums or main page.

    wk 1-6 Tamox 20mg/ED
    wk 1-6 Clomid 25mg/ED
    *Tribulus 1g/ED or LJ100 300mg/ED

    The addition of Tribulus or LJ100 (Long Jack) will not enhance testosterone levels, contrary to popular belief, but it will enhance the sex drive of the user, male or female. This is exactly what we need post cycle when endogenous testosterone levels could be below baseline.

    Dianabol (Methandrostenolone)

    Its pretty common knowledge Dianabol Only Cycles exist and they're questioned very often online. So do they work? If someone tells you they don't - they didn't run it correctly. My opinion is, yes, they work, but they are not optimal. You may lose your sex drive and if that happens, we can employ the same tactic and use Proviron at 25-50mg/ED. As well as increasing labido being a DHT derivative, it will also help protect against estrogenic side effects. This is something thats very important when using Dianabol as it can aromotase heavily and cause acne and more common gynecomastia. Although some users report Proviron to have a weak anti-estrogen action (including me). So what else do we have against it? AI's (Aromaste Inhibitors).

    These have the ability to lower estrogen levels when steroids can cause them to increase by way of aromatasation. High estrogen is associated with a higher negative impact on the HPTA, gyno, acne, aggression, lipid problems, cardiovascular issues and unbalanced levels can contribute to hair loss and problems with SHBG. So its best to keep them stable or below average when using compounds that can increase circulating levels.

    wk 1-8 Dianabol 20-30mg/ED
    *Aromasin 10mg/ED
    *Proviron 25-50mg/ED
    *Tribulas 1-2g/ED (enhance labido)


    wk 1-6 Tamox 20mg/ED (40mg/ED week 1)
    wk 1-6 Clomid 25mg/ED
    *Tribulus 1g/ED or LJ100 300mg/ED

    Dianabol cycles aren't generally hard on the body, if low doses are taken and preventative issues implicated, such as, limiting use, not combining with other 17-alpha-alkylated (17aa) anabolic steroids. But understand this is not an optimal first cycle, nor oral steroidal cycle...

    Turinabol (Chlorodehydromethyltestosterone)

    Turinabol or commonly called Tbol/T-Bol is basically Dianabol with a 4-chloro alteration so it cannot interact with the aromatase enzyme and raise estrogen. Its also a 17aa steroid so will exert some negative effects on the liver and surrounding tissues, such as kidneys and also cause lipid problems (more so than most believe in fact). Its a mild compound on the HPTA and fits the criteria of oral only cycle androgen fairly well actually. It should not also impact labido that much due to it being mild on the HPTA.

    wk 1-8 40-80mg/ED
    *Proviron 25-50mg/ED


    wk 1-4 Tamox 20mg/ED
    *Tribulus 1g/ED

    Adjust doses comparing gains and sides, but 40mg/ED is enough to start on. This oral is perhaps the best choice when wanting start using anabolic steroids and use oral compounds primarily. Although mild, don't get carried away - its still an anabolic steroids. Liver aids should be used to protect or detoxift post use. PCT needs to be conducted and the aggressiveness needs to be determined by blood tests to see how much of an impact the said steroid had on the users natural LH, FSH and testosterone levels.

    Winstrol (Stanozolol)

    Winstrol comes in both orally active and injectable versions. Both of which are effective, but we'll stick to the oral version here which is also a 17aa steroid, much like the rest of the steroids above. Winstrol is notorious for its negative sides on liver function and cholesterol, so use need to be minimised to 6-8 weeks. Being a DHT derived steroid, the same as Anavar, it can't aromatase to estrogen and also a total loss of sex drive is rare, but is a possibility. So we can keep Proviron on hand. Being a potent derivative of DHT, it can cause sides effects associated with aggression and acne. DHT's can also cause prostate issues when the user is sensitive to prostate problems, such as, enlargement - so should be avoided.

    The gains from Winstorl alone are not going to be as pronounced as other anabolic steroids, mainly Dianabol due to the drying out effect Winstrol has on the body due to being a DHT derived steroid. This is actually comparable to Anavar. Most users will use Winstrol as part of a cutting cycle or when used in high enough doses, a bulking cycle, though injectable Winstrol is best used for this.

    wk 1-8 50-70mg/ED (oral)
    *Proviron 25-50mg/ED


    wk 1-6 Tamox 20mg/ED
    *Tribulus 1g/ED

    A liver aid such as UDCA, Liv 52 or Milk Thistle should be used to help the liver re-generate or used as a detoxifying agent. Care must be taken when using any anabolic steroid and because of Winstrols harsh effects on the liver, durations should not exceed 6-8 weeks without cessation or blood tests determining the next course of action.

    Part. 2 - Injectable First Cycles

    Contrary to popular belief, injectable steroids usually exert less of an impact on the body when compared to their 17aa cousins. Although the "impact" part is mainly addressing liver, kidney function and the lipid profile. Injectable steroids are advised for a first cycle due to a number of reasons...

    1. Most anabolic steroids are injectables

    2. Injectable steroids have less of an overall impact on the body compared to 17aa orals

    3. They're often cheaper and just as obtainable

    4. Higher doses can be run

    5. Less administration

    So as you can see, injectable anabolic steroids aren't all bad at all. They have a dogma attached due to being "injectables" and involving needles. If precautions are taken this category can have less of an overall impact on the body than oral steroid tablets.

    So the question to ask is; Which injectable steroid is best used for a first time user?

    Well, its not actually a hard one to answer and if you have read all the articles and steroid profiles here, then you'll know a form of Testosterone is best utilised. Testosterone is whats pumping through a males body all the time from production of the testes and is what makes a man - a man. Its what gave you those muscles, that hair, that deep voice, sex drive and aggression (as well as genetics). Its what males have a lot of and women don't. They're primarily estrogen driven organisms, hence their breasts! So the answer is obvious - Testosterone. Lets replace what we already have but use more...

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    This does, though, raise some concerns. First of which is that many of use have experienced side effects associated with puberty. This is when the endocrine system is at its most active pumping out much of its testosterone and other growth factors turning a boy into a man. Side effects are often evident, such as, aggression, gynecomastia, acne, mood swings, increased sex drive and spontaneous erections. But we generally know how we're going to react to it as we have it in our bodies already. Its not a foreign substance, although some users can have reactions to carrier oils and esters, these occurrences are extremely rare.

    We have long and short estered Testosterone at our disposal. Long acting esters, such as, Testosterone Enanthate, Testosterone Cypionate can be injected less frequently at 2x week. A good starting dose is 250-500mg/wk. The same dose can be used with a short acting ester, such as, Testosterone Propionate. The only drawback is that it needs to be administered every other day at least, or better every day. Understandably, newbies and those wishing to start a first cycle, haven't injected Testosterone before, so every day (ED) or every other day (EOD) injections are not a wise idea, but if you can do them, there is nothing at all wrong with Testosterone Propionate (if its a painless injection as well). In fact, I'd say its preferred over long acting counterparts. Test Prop will enter and exit the system quicker so gain will exert themselves in meer weeks of use and exit the system if sid effects arise that are hard to control.

    Testosterone will convert to estrogen a a steady rate, but changing blood plasma levels of the parent hormone - Testosterone, can alter this rate. We want nice stable blood plasma levels when cycling any amount of Testosterone. This will mean less side effects primarily. This brings us on to our next important factor - using an Anti-Estogen or AI.

    We have already touched on this subject and injectable Testosterone is classed as the same as an oral that will increase estrogen. So an AI needs to be used. Aromasin (Exemestane), Arimidex (Anastrozole) or Letro are suggested. Aromasin is first choice due to its mild effects on the lipid profile, powerful effects on estrogen and mild affects on IGF-1. More is said on the main web page in regard to AI's.

    We also need to take into account the fact that injecting exogenous testosterone is going to impact our own natural levels. It will so much so in fact, our own natural testosterone levels will be shutdown. Oral only cycles can also cause this when used for long enough, combined with other orals or used in massive doses. So what do we do to limit the effects on the HPTA? Thats where HCG comes in. A peptide agent that can mimic the signals of LH (leutinizing hormone) and maintain testicular function and size. This is run for the length of our steroid cycle at 500-1,000 once or twice per week, with our chosen AI. So what does it all look like put together? Here are some examples, also stating time off before PCT begins.

    Example 1.

    wk 1-12 Test Enan 250-500mg/wk (injected 2x week)
    *Aromasin 10mg/ED OR Arimidex 0.5mg/EOD
    *HCG 500-1,000ius 2x week

    PCT begins 10-14 days after final shot of Test Enan.

    Example 2.

    wk 1-12 Test Cyp 250-500mg/wk (injected 2x week)
    *Aromasin 10mg/ED OR Arimidex 0.5mg/EOD
    *HCG 500-1,000ius 2x week

    PCT begins 10-14 days after final shot of Test Cyp.

    Example 3.

    wk 1-8 Test Prop 100mg/EOD
    *Aromasin 10mg/ED OR Arimidex 0.5mg/EOD
    *HCG 500-1,000 2x week

    PCT begins 2-3 days after final Test Prop shot.

    HCG doses can be ramped slightly to double the dose for the final 2-3 shots to shock the testes into firing when SERM treatment begins again. It should also be noted that because of this ramp, estrogen may also climb, there for consideration needs to be taken when combating estrogenic side effects. Tamoxifen should always be kept on hand.

    PCT is the standard:

    wk 1-6 Tamox 20mg/ED (40mg/ED week 1)
    wk 1-6 Clomid 25mg/ED OR Tore 60mg/ED
    *Tribulus 1g/ED
    *LJ100 300mg/ED

    PCT lasts 5-6 weeks, but can be longer when necessary. Blood tests need to be carried out on a variety of things on cycle and after recovery.

    LH, FSH, Total Testosterone (TT), Free Testosterone (FT), Estrogen, Progesterone, Prolactin, DHEA's, Thyroid Function, Lipid Profile, RBC, Kidney Function and Liver Function should be tested when "off" and 4-5 weeks AFTER PCT is finished to check where the body is. Then time on + PCT = Time Off (in most instances) and certainly should be stuck too when conducting a first use of anabolic steroids.

    If sides effects become apparent and cannot be controlled, by first lowering the total androgen dose and introducing ancillaries, then the user should stop the steroid cycle. A physcians guidance is also suggested when using steroids where possible.


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