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On a Few Peptides. Some Info

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  • On a Few Peptides. Some Info

    I've been tinkering with the idea of peps for a long time and finally pulled the trigger. I purchased DSIP for a sleep study, GHRP-6 for hunger simulation only, melanotan ll for tanning, and IPT 141 for sexual side effects. I've had great luck with them all.
    The DSIP I can't say it's worth it, but it does work in getting me to sleep. I just don't stay asleep. I started with 150mcgs with no effects. Upped to 250 and get very sleepy within about 15 minutes.
    GHRP-6 does a wonderful job giving me an appetite. This is wonderful news for me, as bulking is difficult. I started and am staying at 150mcgs 3x daily.
    The IP141... oh my gosh! It's amazing!
    The melanotan ll is my favorite and has given me the best tan ever. I don't even need sun. I'm very dark.
    I just thought I'd share since I haven't started a thread in a while.

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    You don't get any nausea with the melanotan?


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      Originally posted by Thaistick View Post
      You don't get any nausea with the melanotan?
      Sorry for just seeing this. I do get nausea. As did my wife on the 1 and only dose she took. I now take it before bed and it's much better. There might be a little nausea in the morning, but subsides quickly.