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Pain in wrist

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  • Pain in wrist

    My wrist has been killing me only when I lift. It started when I was clinging. my wrist extended a little to far which I know that is the problem. It has been about a couple of weeks ago. It hurts when I do bench and curls. Do any of you think I should have it checked or what? The pain is not to great but it does effect my lifting some. Thanks

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    Hello. To eliminate wrist pain, you need to use a set of therapeutic measures. First, consult with several specialists who will offer you an effective treatment. And only then, during the rehabilitation period, you need to undergo massage procedures that will be most effective on the massage table. If you do not have massage tools, look at this site where you will find something suitable for yourself.


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      Can I use a massager instead of a massage?


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        For me, a masseur is an irreplaceable thing, since I work at the computer, in one position, which makes my neck very sore, then headaches. I use the best electric head massager, I really like it, with regular use pains began to pass away, tension dreamed and my state of health improved with neck and shoulder massager. Most after a busy day. Relaxes muscles and even lulls you a little. Happy with the purchase, I recommend it!


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          Experiencing pain in the wrist can be quite uncomfortable, affecting daily activities. It's essential to identify the cause, which could range from overuse or repetitive motions to injury. Rest, ice, and gentle exercises may help alleviate the pain. Remember, even something as simple as opening a kids magic set can become painful with a wrist issue, so it's crucial to address and manage wrist pain promptly to regain full functionality and enjoy everyday tasks without discomfort.