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PLEASE HELP : Do i need to do PCT ?

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  • ALB88
    Thanks Buddy, Really appreciate your help..

    So, even i dont do any PCT, my T level will most likely rise naturally back, right ?

    But how about the Test ? will it be converted to estrogen? does it fine ?
    Thanks again

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  • warmouth
    I wouldnt worry about it Albert. Honestly, I'm sure there was some suppression, but not enough to warrant a pct. If you wanted to do something for piece of mind, nolva at 20mgs a day for 2 weeks would be fine, but I wouldn't introduce anything else if it were me. PCT is more for a shutdown and you would have had shutdown had you of continued the cycle. Its a part of it. But 2 pins of sustanon over a 2 week period is, at most, going to cause minimal suppression in my opinion. You'll be fine.

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  • ALB88
    started a topic PLEASE HELP : Do i need to do PCT ?

    PLEASE HELP : Do i need to do PCT ?


    Im new to this forum, so Hi everyone,
    i have a big question(at least for me) can you guys help me please ?
    I really dont know what to do.

    Im new to steroid, and i was injected by Sustanon, for 2 weeks now(250mg each week)

    Then i decide to stop now, because, my Insomnia getting worse and worse, very worse now.
    I lost motivation, mood, and frustate, despress, i cant sleep for almost everyday...i never felt well since the second injection i decide to stop,

    Please tell me, Do i need to do PCT, or can i just stop and let my natural T production back to normal ?
    What about the estrogen ?

    I have read many forum about this,
    Some of them said that 2 times injected by Sustanon, already put on my testis to "Shut down" so i need to do PCT.
    Some of them, and even my friend told me that in my case is really okay, to discontinued without any PCT.

    Please give me your guy's opinion, really appreciate it, thanks.

    Best Regard