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Advise before starting the PCT period...

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  • Advise before starting the PCT period...

    Hi guys. Being always thankful about the support received here is that I am back with this PCT doubt. I am on my 3rd cycle and this one was a mix of many theories I d reserched and figured out though the board and personal hopes. The fact is that I ll be starting the last 2 weeks on monday and want you to give thumbs up or down on my pct layout. Will introduce my stats and cycle first, then the pct layout and supps i have for it:

    Age: 35
    Height: 5' 9" / 177cm
    Weight: 190lb / 86kg
    BF: 12%
    Sport: Oly WL

    CYCLE 16 weeks (was longer than normal looking for recomp because of that I planned it mild in the drug selection and dosage, even using tren that was my first time I am wondered of what I got from it with just a few sweats and a bit of insomnia, nothing to worry about)
    wk 1-16 Aromasin 12.5mg/ED
    wk 1-16 Test Prop 100mg/EOD
    wk 5-12 Tren Ace 75mg/EOD (8 weeks being pressed by the winny before and after)
    wk 1-6 and 10-16 Winstrol 50mg/ED
    wk 1-16 HCG 500ius 2x per week
    wk 1-16 Clenbuterol doing 2 wks on/off

    wk 1-2 HCG 1000ui E2D (monday/thursday/sunday/wednesday/saturday = 5000ui total)
    wk 1-2 Aromasin 25mg/ED
    wk 1-6 Tamox 20mg/ED (40mg/ED week 1)
    wk 1-6 Clomid 25mg/ED

    About the PCT my last researches (including a post in this forum) found the HCG being not recommended to pin alone after the end of the cycle as could be counter productive and make the recovery slower and the LH levels even lower then being just fine to be finished same time with the last steroid pin (in case u are using a short life one as me). Other option can be to ramp the hcg dosage in this last 2 weeks on cycle as if I move the 1 and 2 pct weeks over the 15/16 of the cycle ramping the aromasin too to 25 instead of 12.5... All different options... want to read suggestions and foundations if possible. Finally the use of Tamox and Clomid is a bit discussed too having people saying just Tamox is fine, other prefer just Clomid and then the ones that prefer using both together.

    To finish want to let u know my experiencie with this try for u to make personal conclusions. As I am not a bodybuilding nor looking for aesthetics results (you ll see the drug selection is not the best to bulk but pretty good for recomp and to imporve the strength on training) is that I am more than satisfied with my results. I did not meassure my actual BF but for sure is lot less that before. I gain about 8lb total having no water ret at all and got a lot of vascularity in my quads, calfs and arms... this was not even a need for me but as i do lot of "pull from the floor" exercises and and everyday squat plan being all free weight is that my forearm and quats became bigger and vascular. My strength had improved a lot too and the mail goal that was loosing fat while getting stronger without moving my bodyweight more than neccesary was totally achieved. I will just need to see how a 16 week plan affects my HPTA recovery now... was my bigger bet , apart from this had no secondary effects at all so hope u can help to finalize the process in the best way.

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    How did you get on?


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      How do you feel after using this treatment plan? Did it have any effect? My muscles don't look too masculine, so an anabolic cycle that will grow them in a short time would be helpful. I have heard that natural testosterone increase can be stimulated by taking regular supplements. A bodybuilder recommended using some from, which would burn fat so my muscles would look more prominent. Any other suggestions?
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