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My first injectable cycle

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    Originally posted by Theone2005 View Post
    So last week I started my test cycle. It's been 1 month now also since I started using gH.

    So currently 2nd week of my 8week test cycle, which looks like this:
    - 100mg TEST prop EOD
    - 60mg Winstrol EOD
    - 1.5iu ED GH Genotropin
    - 0.5mg Arimidex EOD

    My questions:
    - I gained almost 2kg in first week, I assume this is water weight? Should I try to stay as lean as possible while on cycle and keep my calories limited? So far, I added a bit more carbs and protein in regards to my cutting diet before cycle
    - I am considering fortitude training. Right now I train almost everything by the way I feel. My split is: chest-back-legs-shoulders-arms. Should I keep my current regime or switch to fortitude while on cycle?
    - End of august (it will be my 5-6 week) I plan to go to summer holiday for 7 days. What would be suggested regarding my cycle? Can I pause it (no pinning while on holiday) and extend it when I return?
    Yes. But watch BP. The majority of it is water.

    Fortitude training is awesome, I suggest you download the ebook and start it ASAP.

    Proload your pins and take them with you, the pills are easy to travel with.


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      A little update...

      So I downloaded the book, read it and started training. I am now into 3rd week of fortitude training and so far I am quite pleased. I jumped to tier III of TURBO Version right away. I think it is really effective. The volume and intensity is keeping me constantly on the edge. I feel good and I also see results.

      Around 3 weeks left to finish the cycle. I've gained around 7kg, and judging by my stomach girth (which is where my fat starts accumulating first) It shouldn't be too much fat. I hope I can keep most of my gains after the cycle.

      RIght now I am at 212lbs. It's getting harder to keep up with calorie intake, so I started adding some cheat meals every 2-3 days.