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steroids and bodybuilding

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  • steroids and bodybuilding

    What do u guys think? I have been lifting now for a little over two years seriously and feel like I plateaued a while ago. I hardly gain new muscle anymore and even though my intial gain was easy now everything feels like it just goes so slowly or not at all. I feel like so many people around me that I want to look like use steroids.

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    Whats your daily diet?


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      Greetings from Mediseller,
      Well your gains depend on your diet and exercise, as you probably know. If you've been having a diet in calorific surplus with the recommended amount of protein may be it is time to switch up your exercise regime. Talk to your gym trainer about it. In case you want to buy good quality steroids for low prices you could check out Mediseller International.

      Good day.