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Sociology- Steroids against the social norm

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  • Sociology- Steroids against the social norm

    Norms that are found in society are usually strongly based from a bias perspective
    and is found vastly represented by the social media. There is whatís found
    normal and not normal in our democratic society. We see a lot of hype in the news
    about sports, our local teams making it to the play offs are huge. We all have an
    idea that the winning team has been training well and coming up with great tactics to get
    this far. We see the athletes a certain way, which is probably far from the truth, we put
    this idea in our head like they were just born magically this great. Society often lacks the
    truth behind what they are told because in reality we donít really know what goes on off
    the screen. I am going to talk about human performance enhancement in sports and why
    it is recognized as something against the social norm.
    Everyone in high school supported the schools hockey team, like every sport people have
    their favorite player. We know that our favorite player is the best over all the other
    players, they are always the one who takes home the goal for the team. We all have the
    idea that he was given this gift from God and or has just been very well trained. Once we
    found out he was on steroids all that changed. The idea in society on steroids has been
    looked down upon for many years now, finding that it puts them ahead of other athletes
    in an unfair way. Majority of society doesnít even know what steroids contain, other than
    what they can merely gather from the media. Vitamin D is a steroid but many donít know
    this because it hasnít been broadcasting in a negative manner. It is shown that negative
    overrides the positive, in this case study on steroids against the social norm it proves that
    most of the data collected without further knowledge and research is usually in factual,
    negative and false. Most of the news we hear in society is like broken telephone and not
    many students had any real clue of what steroids really were.

    We find that many people in society lack reality and this is because of their morals and
    ethics that shaped their values. We find that people perceive information the way they
    want it to be, which may be far from the truth. With this symbolic interactionism shapes
    the way the viewer behave on a topic like steroids in their favorite sport. It includes the
    social construction of the world around these roles. The truth is that anabolic steroid use
    in sports can actually be traced back several thousand years back, dated around 1700BC
    in ancient Greece. Although much of the science behind this was essentially nonexistent
    and the practices based on pure speculation and conjecture, the basis was that ancient
    athletes and the society they lived in valued the use of performance enhancing substances
    and the win-at-all-costs attitude. The motivation for this win-at-all-costs attitude and the
    overall sentiment of the ancient athletes to use anything that would assist them in winning
    is essentially no different from the reasons why our modern athletes dope in sports today.
    The symbol of steroid use in sports means something else in the contemporary social
    issues, it is placed along the lines of drugs and anything that is unhealthily for the body.
    Anabolic steroids are known to simply enhance the training and nutrition that the athlete
    is already engaged in Ė they do not create massive muscular strongmen out of nowhere
    with no regular training or proper nutritional habits.
    The value of social norms has a strong sociological imagination, since everyone in our
    high school was influenced by the personal experience it shaped our idea of the use of
    steroids. I find that the perspective of the personal experience shape folkways and are
    easier to grasp but the ones who make their own decisions and find fact in their research,
    will be subjective to issues such as steroids in sports. The interesting thing about people
    who are objective to this subject is that they are coming from an outsider perspective on
    it., with little or no experience in sports.

    Outsiders are less emotionally connected to the research therefore their value to this is
    very low in importance. When we discuss socialization the agents such as family, school,
    peers, community, legal system, general culture and mass media we know that these
    features become an integral part of ones self. For instance, your familyís point of view on
    steroids being used in sports can strongly affect your idea on the use as well, depending
    on how much of an importance and influence they are to you. Schools have many rules
    that are controlled by societyís laws, educational institutes are said to be small
    communities. With that being said small communities have a common ethical standards
    to whatís right and what is wrong. The feeling of belonging to the social norm is
    important at this stage in life and people often follow whatís popular rather than whatís
    right for them. The legal system effects peopleís decisions because it controls societyís
    functions, it is a stable, orderly system of coordinated structures. Things such as steroids
    being only able to use with prescription now after being banned in 1990ís. Mass media is
    collectively impacts all of societyís agents, it continuously keeps society in fear of many
    Gender socialization on steroids in sports is typically on males, not a lot of attention is
    put on females on steroids in sports. The general culture of sports is masculine and
    portrays true character of how a man should perform. This leads to anticipatory
    socialization where the watchers are observing and mimicking the role of the athletes.
    Taking steroids is seen as breaking social control and with involuntary resocialization it
    takes place in a total institution such as schools.

    Chaiet.D,2013. Article on steroids in sports, retrieved from website, Anabolic Steroids |

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    This is excellent.
    Chief writer for
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      Originally posted by Dan C View Post
      This is excellent.
      If I didn't know you personally I wouldn't of been able to cite my sources. Its important to know the author for college assignments. Also I speak to students in the class about the information here, so it would help to have your name above the articles.


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        Bravo Sofie.......very interesting.......Electra & I talk about this very subject quite often.........
        ."The only easy day was yesterday"

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          Originally posted by BEAR View Post
          Bravo Sofie.......very interesting.......Electra & I talk about this very subject quite often.........
          Thank you bear! I enjoyed doing this essay for sociology


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            Awesome post sofie! Great to see You active, especially with great stuff like this. Wonderful contribution.


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              Thank you warmouth! it's great to have a topic like this that can relate to my school work, also the help of you guys. For other people, I don't know how they would cite Dans name for their work, don't you think they should put the authors name above each article?


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                Originally posted by Sofie View Post
                Thank you warmouth! it's great to have a topic like this that can relate to my school work, also the help of you guys. For other people, I don't know how they would cite Dans name for their work, don't you think they should put the authors name above each article?
                just do it, lol. Without expressed written consent.


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                  Originally posted by warmouth View Post
                  just do it, lol. Without expressed written consent.
                  I'd like to give this smart man Dan C some credit lol tyvm


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