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    Originally posted by TJM View Post
    Acute pancreatitis with nodule growth (basically the pancreas was consuming itself instead of releasing the digestive enzymes, creating pockets in the surface of it). I also had an ileus which just made the bloating in my abdomen that much worse. I had to go on a Parenteral feeding schedule, PICC line in the Basilic vein. No food or water for a month. My God you have no idea how good water is until you can't have any! Even sucking on ice ships was orgasmic. No joke.

    I then got a massive DVT in the right side venous complex that runs from my elbow to very near my SVC where the PICC line terminated. Nobody noticed it until I went into the er and showed them the giant bulge in my armpit. This just made them take the PICC line out of my right arm and put it in my left which prolonged the nothing by mouth thing. I had to take injections of a potent anticoagulant (Lovenox) along with oral Coumadin for the following 7 months. This all happened in early July. I was just cleared to go back to the gym mid January. I was about 235 when I got sick. When I came off the PICC line I was 179. I'm nor back up to 204 but leaner so it was actually helpful lol. It also got my cholesterol in line at 86 HDL/144 LDL, BP and heart rate are great now too. So maybe I needed a systemic reset if you will...

    All is well though. It was acute, so nothing I need to worry about in the future. thanks for the support!
    Wow, glad you're ok! Take it easy, good to have you here at!