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meeting women at the gym

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  • meeting women at the gym

    So just kinda bored and wanted to start a thread. How do you guys feel about dating women at the gym? Good opportunity or more like 'dont crap where you sleep' kind of a thing. If your both there 5 days a week its a great way to meet them but when it doesn't work out it gets awkward kinda. What you guys think?

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    Lol. You're THAT guy haha. No man. I think it's fine and to be honest, is a good thing because you will have something in common right off the bat. So starting a conversation would be much easier than say, a bar or group gathering. I will say that aproaching women in the gym can be a turn off because so many douchebags hit on the women, so stand out and be normal and casual, not pushy or "cute". My wife gets hit on alot and it makes her mad, as well as some of her friends who are single. So it can be a turn off, but if you are normal and yourself, it could work out fine. I'd say just be friendly and let them start drooling over you!


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      Haha. Well I dated one already... To bad I fucked it up, she was awesome. But I've been out of the dating scene cause of school/work too much so just wanted to fish in the pond a little ^^ but I don't want to be a serial gym dater either. Thatd be creepy. Too bad I'm in California or I'd say have ur wife hook it up


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        Ha. She's got alot of gym hottie buddy's in there. That's fo sho.


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          It's fine. During my years and years in the gym I have seen it work out between people.

          H O W E V E R, the gym is NOT a place to go picking up women (or vice versa). You don't treat it like a bar or club. I know most modern big-chain gyms attract hundreds (if not thousands) of people per year who sign up just to do this, but they are morons. I don't like to have ANYONE come up to me in the gym when I am 100% focused on my workout, except for the odd friend or regular I see there on a regular basis, and even then I keep the chit chat to 5 - 10 minutes. In a place where you're serious about your training, you're completely mentally focused, you're in discomfort and sweating and disgusting, etc. would you want someone to come up to you and start hitting on you at that time? And think about how much more particular women are about that sort of thing.

          I read a few years ago an article that listed the top 5 WORST places to find dates / pick people up, and the article rated gyms at #2. If you hit off with someone you've been seeing there on a regular basis for a good while and decide to go out on a date, that's one thing. Hitting on girls/guys there is the worst thing you can do.
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            I agree. I hate, I mean HATE it to be bothered at the gym. I don't use earbuds, so people just assume I'll talk. I am know as the dickhead at my gym because I will not hold back my comments when someone jumps in right beside me, starts talking to me, or is wasting valuable equipment by leaning over it while shuffling their Ipods, texting, or chatting with someone. Even if I am not using the machine, it is rude and if you have "other" things to do, go to a commons area or locker room. But if casual conversation strikes and 2 people hit it off, more power to them. Just dont casually talk to me, or you might get offended. Even for girls. Just don't talk to me. I will help, of course, but I'm not going to small talk until I'm finished.


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              I've only just seen this thread, So I thought I would shove my tuppence worth in

              I am currently in a relationship with someone I met at the Gym. Worse - I was her personal trainer !!!! I still train her daily ( I have kinda forgot to charge these days tho' lol!)

              It's certainly a risky endeavor to get involved with someone who trains at the same place as you. I must say tho' as an older man who was single for over ten years, where exactly do you meet someone?

              Bars and clubs are out for me personally, as I don't drink alcohol - and don't much care for people who do. I tried dating sites online which was a joke. Either I am the nutcase (which is possible- heh!) or that's where all the 'mature' ladies hang out - with severe mental and attitude maladjustments. They seem to be pretty handy with photoshop too.... which was a disappointment at dating time.

              All joking aside, I think if you and a gal have that attraction, and you are in the gym daily- or most days anyway, it's only a matter of time before one thing leads to another.
              I count my blessings me and my Gal met at all.... it just happened to be at the Gym