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    I have been using the same routine now (1 muscle group a week) for 11 weeks, and I intended to stop it at week 6, but it became a habit. This next 6-8 is going to be strictly for added mass and I'm going to try to manage BF as best I can. Here is the plan:
    Monday- chest/tris
    3 exercises and 3 sets per group.

    Tuesday- legs/traps
    4 exercises and 4 wets (legs). Shrugs x3

    Wednesday-off OR abs, calves, forearms and cardio.

    Thursday- back/bis
    3 exercises and 3 sets per group.

    Friday- shoulders



    All exercises will consist of heavy weight with focus on form and low reps. For exercises of 3 sets, I aim to rep at roughly 12/8-10/4-6 with each last rep or 2 being extremely difficult and a spotter is a must. I want to fail on the last rep. I will be using approximately 60-90 seconds in between sets. My total caloric intake will be set at maintenance-500 surplus. I will be strict in getting at least maintenance in and my diet will be "clean and dirty" due to my difficulty in gaining. I will be using a boatload of otc supps and vitamins to combat lipids and bp issues, as well as overall health. BW will be done every 8-12 weeks.