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    im taking it easy stacking on the weight this time. as I get older im being more careful on my weight I lift. although I feel super strong im not pressing it really focusing on form and "feeling" the working muscle. I get real bad tendonitis in elbows during pushing exercises so im adding as little as 10-20 lbs as weekly progress. had to start using the neoprene elbow sleeves today when lifting heavier sets and feeling pretty good.

    you guys have any thoughts on not rushing into stacking weights/or do you believe what im doing? meaning before after good warm ups id start into getting a spotter and throwing up weight that really I wasent ready for. example I go from warm up id jump into 315, 345, 375 ect... now im getting reps outta 315 then going 325, 335 and somehow growing more and less pain? im sure im answering my own questions but I feel great!