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In a Dilemma. Need Training Advice. Help!

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  • In a Dilemma. Need Training Advice. Help!

    With this job in doing, my training hasn't been what it needs to be. I'm used to working one body part a session, but now I fear I have to do something else. Right now, and for the forsee able future, I'm stuck to Mondays, Thursdays, and Fridays, with an occasional Saturday (maybe twice a month at best).
    I've tried squeezing in 2 muscle groups, but I don't give it my all, as in typically wore out after the first group. I need to work th e following, so what wold you guys do as far as a split:
    legs (I can get by with another big group because I only do 3 sets on legs)

    Any advice will be extremely valuable and helpful. Thanks guys! I need to continue to make big progress.

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    Here's what I would do in your current situation.
    Mondays : Back & Triceps
    Thursdays : Chest & Biceps
    Fridays : Legs and Shoulders

    For the weeks that you can train on a Saturday, do legs on the Friday (on their own) and blast delts on the Saturday. If you are struggling to maintain intensity on the second muscle group, cut back total sets on the larger muscle group.

    When Dorian Yates was Mr Olympia back in the mid nineties I was lucky enough to train at his gym for a while, I was amazed at how few sets he did..... but boy how he pushed the limit intensity wise! it worked for him, it worked for me, and with a bit of passion - it will work for you! Good luck dude! stay positive


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      Awesome man! Right now my schedule is like this. M/Th/F with some saturdays. So I have a 2 day gap. I'm doing "ok" and am getting decent results thus far. I'm working out solo, which I like the best, but it is also hard to push limits on days I don't want to be there. I'm lacking big time with legs. They just don't grow. They get very defined, but I cannot get them to grow,and that is why I think I have a hard time "bulking". And since I have a bad back, I can only do light weigh squats, so I make up by going very heavy with presses, extensions, and curls. But I can see the quad clearly, and it is extremely defined,and my calves have a nice split, but they just don't grow.


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        Are u still training 3 days a week ? About your back, as u said itīs bad, do u have any injury in it or u mean itīs weak in comparisson to other groups ?


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          It is an injury. I've about got it figured out. I know what I can and can't do. Light squats only (that sucks), but leg presses I can go crazy with. Deadlifts are hit and miss. I can go heavy, but reps are low low. I can go light and reps end up hurting me more. So I think the number of reps are the hardest thing on my back. I have 3 deteriorated discs in the lower back (can name the vertebraes of needed), arthritis from the base of my skull to my tail bone. Also hands, knees, shoulders, elbows and feet have arthritis. I'm falling apart! Lol. I should have chose another profession.