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  • Dbol cycle

    New to the game,I am going on week one of my cycle. 20mg pill I take twice a day,once in the morning and one about an hour before gym time. I started milk thistle a week before dbol and am still taking it 3 times a day. On top of that I am taking a test booster as well as a mass gainer,both are 2 times a day. The test booster in the morning and right after dinner,well my first dinner. Also using a NOS explosion pre-workout. The mass gainer is from elite labs USA and is packed with everything my bodies needs for big gains. So all in all I am taking test booster,20mg of dbol,milk thistle and half a serving in the morning. Then another 20mg of dbol,milk thistle and NOS pre-workout in the late afternoon. Then another half serving of mass gainer,milk thistle and test booster in the evening after workout and first dinner. Anything elese I should know or take?

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    First off, chunk the milk thistle for liver protection. You need way more than you're taking for that purpose. Buy NAC (n-aceyltine cystine). 100mgs daily. It works. Or UDCA/TUDCA. Secondly, and some support an oral only cycle, I wouldnt recommend it with dbol or anadrol, as they are extremely supressive. Since you've already started, all I can recommend is a different liver protection and wish you the best of luck. How is the estrogenic side effects?


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      I guess for a first cycle ever, Dbol is ok. 40mg a day doesn't sound excessive, I personally don't like any of the oral steroids, in me they cause way too much water bloat, which dissipates as soon as the cycle finishes, leaving me with very little actual muscle gain. To be fair - I do know young trainees who have experienced moderate gains, but as a personal preference I avoid Dbol.

      That said, train like you really mean it, eat plenty of small nutrient dense meals daily, sleep as much as you can and enjoy!


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        I don't think milk is ok..