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Beginners guide for a newbie?

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  • Beginners guide for a newbie?

    Hey everyone.
    History: 21, 6'0, 155lbs. Started going to the gym 2 years ago at 195lbs skinny fat (from being a pothead), cut down to 127lbs, built myself up from there but it was a long road. My goals are to put on a decent amount of muscle and strength so I don't feel so frail.

    Really not planning on doing a cycle anytime soon, I'd just like to research the information for if/when the time comes so I can do it right/safe. I have an extremely light frame with 6" wrists, and have always weighed very light even when i was fit, which makes it kinda tough for me to gain strength, so I'm pretty sure it'll get to a point where I start to seriously consider some extra help.

    So i was wondering if there were any beginners guides stickies or pages or anything like that, just somewhere where most of the information a newbie needs is all gathered in one place. I'd also really appreciate any of you guys' tips/advice and anything you might have done differently on your first cycle.

    I'm also slightly interested in HGH as I've read some posts of users who said they experienced slight wrist/other joint growth. My wrists and ankles are by far the weakest link in the chain and although I doubt it's possible, any extra strength i could get there would be helpful.

    I know i might get a bit flamed for this because of my age and weight, which I understand, so i just want to say again I really am in no rush to start using. Just interested to learn about it and then see what happens.

    Thanks heaps, all answers appreciated.

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    Hi Lief, Welcome to the forum

    Some pretty impressive things can be done to your light frame, given time and application. I too have tiny joints, which has proven to be a real asset in competition, as I am able to create an impression of being bigger than I actually am - the muscles look like they flare off the wrist, elbow, knee and ankle as the joints are so small. Most top bodybuilders have small joints, whereas strongmen, weightlifters and powerlifters have thick joints. A definite advantage for raw strength.

    Whatever weight training you do, it is my understanding (with or without steroids) bone density is gradually increased, due to adaptation of lifting heavier and heavier weights.
    I usually recommend to anyone considering their first cycle to look at their training regimen as a whole first. Steroids work, for sure, but they are best employed when you have reached a plateau.

    If you cannot bench press your bodyweight for six reps unassisted, or squat your bodyweight and a half for 12 reps - you may need to consider you are not yet ready for pharmaceutical enhancement.

    Also look at your diet, as a slightly built guy, you will need ample nutrients to grow. This kitchen discipline is (in my opinion) the hardest part of a bodybuilding lifestyle. Every day, without excuses, you have to eat well. and often.

    With regard to beginner's guides I am pretty sure Admin can guide you in the right direction there. There is a wealth of information on here buddy, just have a look around, and learn all you can. Good luck, and welcome once again.