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Crazy cycles: Scott Mendelson

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  • Crazy cycles: Scott Mendelson

    All the cycles that I will write in this section have not been invented by anyone and have been admitted by the athlete mentioned in the title of the post. WARNING! This cycle is very dangerous, no one should try it, the cycle lacks of any sense, so if you are a powerlifter just ask for a proper cycle and do not try this.


    Scott Mendelson is an American powerlifter who holds several world bench press records and considers himself one of the best powerlifters in history.


    ❗️Hundreds of units of insulin per week, depending on the context usually more than 500 .

    ❗️GH: undisclosed protocol , but more than 80 IUs per week.

    ❗️3 grams of testosterone per week as a base .

    ❗️1 to 1.5 grams of Tren per week depending on the training program.

    ❗️500 mg of Anadrol per day prior to the competition .