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Hire professional hackers! (Telegram: Blackhat_plug)

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  • Hire professional hackers! (Telegram: Blackhat_plug)

    We are a team of professional hackers. Our expertise is programming, running exploits, and setting up DDoS attacks, SEO and web design, hosting & server management, and we like the challenge of doing things where most others give up.

    Spear Phishing Attacks to get accounts from selected targets. Recover account passwords of most social networks easily, remote control smartphones. Facebook, Reddit, Instagram, the Twitter account hacking. Criminal record expungement, Credit score increment, Change of a school course grade, tracking live location, etc.

    Full package deal, getting access to personal or company devices and accounts, and searching for the data you need. Hacking web servers, game servers, or other internet infrastructure. Economic espionage. Getting private information from someone, Ruining your opponents, business, or private person you don't like, we can ruin them financially and or get them arrested. We have no restrictions and or boundaries to the type of jobs and services we offer!

    Contact via
    (Telegrram: Blackhat_plug)

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