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Hey new to the site, have some questions about a cycle id like to start!

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  • Hey new to the site, have some questions about a cycle id like to start!

    23 years old.
    5ft 9 185 lbs 12-15%
    1 cycle and been lifting for 2 years heavily

    hey guys im looking to start a cycle here pretty shortly probably be the new year, looking for a bulk/ lean bulk and heres what i was thinking
    ******My main concern is the Tren, and does it fit in with the cycle at such a low dose. I have no caber or any anti prolactin on hand but at such a low dose tren should pose no threat********
    last cycle was 10 weeks, supertest 450 and EQ 400mg. dbol 30mg for 6 wks. no sides at all.
    10 weeks
    1-4 dbol 30mg daily
    1-10 arimidex .25 as needed****
    1-10 Test E 250mg 2x week= 500 weekly
    1-8 Tren Ace 50mg eod

    Nolva 40/40/20/20

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    Welcome to!

    Moving this to the Steroid Q&A...


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      Your cycle looks good IMO.

      HCG on cycle at 250ius 2x week also.

      Arimidex used on cycle to keep estrogen in check.

      Tren Ace is fine at 50mg/EOD. I used it like this for a first time and blew up! Good starting dosage.

      You may want to swap Test Enan for Test Prop and go 100mg/EOD, Tren Ace 50mg/EOD.


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        That's plenty of tren. You'll like it and experiment higher one day, lol. I would use ten the last 8 weeks instead of the first to help "dry" up. Dbol and tren is a combo I hate together.