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  • First Ever Cyle

    Hey guys I'm 22 years old and plan on starting my first ever cycle.
    My plan is just to do Test Prop at 300mg per week (100mg monday, wednesday and friday)for a 10 week cycle.
    however, i have a lot more research to do and wanted to start here.
    should i shoot EOD(m,w,f,sun) or keep at 3 days a week, also is 300mg per week enough or should i up to 500?(obviously eod would make it 400mg per week if thats enough)
    also i was going to do HCG during cycle twice per week and Nolvadex PCT for 4 weeks after.
    is HCG necessary during due to low amount?
    again, have a long way to go before i start but just wanted to hear some responses on here first.
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    Hi Mike,

    Firstly a few stats about you. Height, weight, and training experience would be helpful. I usually recommend to younger fellas like yourself to keep the dosages low, as it is likely at your age your natural testosterone will be high.

    From a training perspective I also recommend as a rough guideline - if you cannot bench press your bodyweight for six reps and squat your bodyweight and a half for twelve reps, you are not ready for pharmaceutical enhancement. Steroids work best on a physique that is well trained, has reached a plateau, and has developed as much as it can naturally.

    I say this not to put you off buddy, but to try and help you make the right decisions. Post your stats and let's see where you are at.


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      Thank you for the info! I am open to waiting to do it I just want to do it right!!! I've been training since I was 14, seriously since I was about 17 so 5 years of serious training(plus football my senior year which was a big strength boost) Here are my stats:
      Around 15% body fat
      Bench: 315-3
      Squat: 405-2
      Deadlift: 455-3
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        Thanks for posting that, it helps to know your experience and what level you are at the Gym.

        I think (but please ask others here too - I am quite new here myself) 400 mg of Testosterone Propionate a week would be optimum. Take 100mg every other day and see how you feel. I personally do not recommend cycles longer than eight weeks. This will involve a lot of injections, which can be scary on your first cycle.

        As I am sure you are aware, nutrition and rest are key in obtaining maximum gains on a cycle. Eat right, sleep right (NO Partying) train like your arse is on fire - and enjoy the experience. Good Luck


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          Thanks for the info!! Also what do you think about HCG 2 times per week while on a cycle? Necessary at that dose?


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            Hi and welcome to Thanks for signing up here!

            Your cycle looks good and I'd go with EOD 100mg Test Prop, with Aromasin 10mg/ED and HCG 250-500ius 2x week.

            What is your daily diet?


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              Thanks for the advice! My diet is currently around 2500 calories to cut weight however when I decide to starts a cycle I will eat 4000 calories per day


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                Thanks for the advice! My diet is currently around 2500 calories to cut weight however when I decide to starts a cycle I will eat 4000 calories per day 300g protein, 250g carbs and 200g fat. Was thinking maybe fat is too high, should I add carbs and lower fat?


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                  My first cycle was test p EOD and it was fantastic! It's plenty to do whatever you want to do with it. I'd like to follow along when you decide.