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  • warmouth
    Originally posted by Admin View Post
    No, absolutely not.

    You will most likely cause permanent damage to your body.

    Keep training and eating like a machine and wait tlil you are 21-23.
    100% agree!

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  • Admin
    Originally posted by atpprom15
    A person who's age is 18 can use steroids?
    No, absolutely not.

    You will most likely cause permanent damage to your body.

    Keep training and eating like a machine and wait tlil you are 21-23.

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  • Admin
    started a topic Newbie Starter Pack

    Newbie Starter Pack

    This is a newbie starter pack for when you think you are ready to use anabolic steroids. But are you ready?

    Firstly, you need to ask yourself some important questions which will determine if you are ready to start using oral or injectable anabolic steroids.

    1. Are you over the age of 18 and between 20-25 years of age?

    This is the period when the body is still growing and reaching adult maturity. When you're 18 years of age this is when your natural (endogenous testosterone) is at its highest levels due to puberty. The Hypothalamic Pituitary Axis (HPTA) or endocrine system has increased growth factors, such as Testosterone and Growth Hormone for the body to develop. This needs to be taken advantage of so using steroids, which will cause a decrease in endogenous testosterone should be avoided. High levels of Testosterone, whether it be from using anabolic steroids or natural levels is attributed to increased muscle mass, aggression, increased strength and cognitive function so utilising this one in a lifetime opportunity is logical. The HPTA is also not fully developed at this stage of life and using anabolic steroids can cause harm and damage its efficiency later in life to produce endogenous hormones.

    2. Have you posted your diet in the Nutrition Forum?

    Diet and Nutrition Forum

    Chances are, we are going to find things wrong with your diet. It could be your breakfast, macronutrients, post work out shake or he majority of your diet program not suiting your goals, so please post your diet in this forum for critique. Once you have a solid diet plan or nutrition program and its been followed for at least a 1-2 years or more, then we can consider using anabolic steroids to take your physique that bit further. Thats why anabolic steroids should be used in the end, as diet manipulation and training changes can produce much more muscle mass or fat loss, but the vast majority of steroid users dont have tis background.

    If you're someone who doesn't have a solid clean high in protein diet and uses anabolic steroids chances are you're going to gain a ton of weight. Muscle, fat and strength, but because there is no base of muscle or training present, almost all of these hard earned gains will be lost post cycle when you come off of the steroids you're using, which is why this base of nutrition is a wise and better idea for the long term user.

    3. Training... Have you posted your training program in the Training or Workout Forum?

    If not, please do so, as chances are we can agin find things wrong with your training regime or cardio routine. Training needs to change as the body adapts and grows. Intensity should vary from high-low and lot-high. Reps should change in length, sets, drop sets, rest pause, super sets and giant sets needs to be utilised. Change the way you lift the weight but make sure you stay safe.

    The same can be said for cardio routines, change it up. Long slow duration one week, then utilising HITT or interval training. The body is excellent at adapting and becoming the most efficient it can be, but this often works against us when trying to trigger and maintain fat loss or add lean muscle mass to our frame.

    4. After you have done the above there is some final questions before you begin this journey...

    Do your goals really permit the use of anabolic steroids?

    What do you want to obtain?

    Can you not obtain this without the use of anabolic steroids and just nutrition and supplements?

    If the all these questions is - YES... Then you may be ready to start your journey about these hormones and how they affect the body, both positively and negatively.

    Here are some very useful articles located on the main site - After reading these, your understanding of anabolic steroids should be pretty basic and you will know how these compounds work.

    Articles that are a MUST READ!

    Types of Steroids
    - This article will teach you the origins of steroids, their analogues and other steroids that are derived from Testosterone.

    Steroids Side Effects - You need to know exactly how these drugs affect the body and how to control their actions and side effects.

    Steroid Cycles - You need to know which anabolic steroids are safe to use first time around, durations and doses

    Beginner Steroid Cycles - Information on newbie or beginner steroid cycles to get started

    Intermediate Steroid Cycles - Information on steroid cycles after conducting 1-4 beginner cycles with little or no side effects experienced

    Advanced Steroid Cycles - Information for the more advanced user

    Female Steroid Cycle - Article for the women that use steroids or wish to in the future

    Steroid Injections - This will help you decide which needle, barrel and gauge you will require for which muscle group and how to safely administer injectable steroids.

    Now your understanding on which anabolic steroids to cycle, their doses and durations should be known. Now you can use the below articles to further your understanding on some drugs mentioned in the above articles.

    Aromatase Inhibitors





    Nolvadex (Tamoxifen Citrate)

    Clomid (Clomiphene Citrate)

    Putting this altogether...

    - Post Cycle Therapy is when we recover the bodies own testosterone when we have finished using steroids, this is a VERY important stage of recovering.

    HCG - (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) is then used on cycle, leading to to coming off cycling or during the start of Post Cycle Therapy. This will maintain testicular size and function and is imperative.

    The Profiles

    Steroid Profiles
    - Here is a list of ALL the steroid profiles we have on

    HGH & Peptides - Featuring our extensive profiles from Human Growth Hormone to HCG

    Fat Loss Agents - Information on what fat loss drugs and stimulants to use and how

    If you have any questions after you have read all of these articles, then please feel free to start a thread in the relevant forum.