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Injection Pain: Main Causes

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  • Injection Pain: Main Causes

    Here at, we get alot of the same questions from many new members and from time to time we miss a few. We always want to answer any question anyone has, but they can get lost in the mix. A very frequently asked question is injection pain and worries of infections/abscesses. There are many different types of pain people can experience with injections and hopefully this will clear up alot of concerns.

    Post injection Pain (most common)- This typically occurs 1-2 days after the initial injection, sometimes it occurs only hours after. This is common for beginners as well as advanced users. It can be caused from many factors, usually for beginners it is just a part of the process. Pinning virgin muscles that aren't used to it. For advanced users, it could be a reaction to a carrier oil that they haven't used before, usually after getting a new supply of gear that uses something different to carry the hormone. This, like the virgin muscle pain, should subside eventually.

    Injection Pain (common) - This is normal for a variety of reasons. For beginners, it can be a mental barrier and not as painful as your brain is telling you. Other causes is high concentrations of benzyl alcohol used in the brewing process. Pharmaceutical grade testosterone generally uses .8% or less. Home brewers use up to 5%, with 2% being the most common. I have personally used 10% to see the actual pain of high BA concentrations by using and insulin pin filled with 10 units of BA and 90 units of distilled water pinned in the delt. There was some initial stinging, but quickly subsided within seconds, and had minimal post injection pain. Some are much more sensitive.

    Other causes- High dosed gear can be brutal! Several things can attribute to this, including gear crashing in the muscle. I brewed some test E at 500mgs/ml and it was terrible terrible pain for several days post injection. The gear held in 100ml vials, but would crash in 10ml vials. I won't get into details as to why this is, but I do have reasons. Anyways, the hormone turned into a glass like solid when crashed and I have no doubt that it did this within the muscle at 1ml. It isn't life threatening, and won't cause an abscess if it is sterile. High dose gear is usually just more painful.
    Carrier oils can also cause pain. Grapeseed, Cottonseed, and safflower oil are usually tolerated well by most people. Ethyl Oleate (EO) can be problematic for many. Some people swear by it (myself included for higher dosed gear), while others it causes pain. This is across the Internet. While some people claim it to be as smooth as silk, just as many people feel they are "allergic" to it and won't use it. Same can be said for MCT oil (medium chain triglyceride). Lastly, when cleaning the injection area with alcohol, let the alcohol dry completely before injecting. If not, you'll get a little burning, but it isn't to be worried about.

    Do you have an abscess? - No, probably not. If you do your part, and wipe the top of the vial and the injection site with alcohol, use a sterile syringe everytime, then you should be fine. Even using UGL gear, they rely on the quality of gear and it's usually always good (as far as sterilization goes). Even if it is not brewed in a super sterile environment, like pharma gear would be, the 2% BA will kill most anything, and if filtered through a .2um pore filter, all viruses will be eliminated.

    Just be smart and be sterile. Make sure you use your needle once and discard. Never use the same needle. Always use alcohol to swab the top of the vial and the area to be injected. If you do experience pain, you'll usually find it will be less amd less and then go away the more you inject. Rotate sites, be clean, and discard properly of all used needles and syringes. I hope this helps answer any questions you may have concerning pain from injections. Feel free to ask more or add to what you will. Thanks guys and be safe!

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    Excellent post Warmouth.

    I've always had greater pain with higher volume rather than higher dose. That's why I brew higher mg/ml dosed gear, so I can achieve the desired dose in lesser volume.
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      Excellent post!


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        Originally posted by BEAR View Post
        Excellent post Warmouth.

        I've always had greater pain with higher volume rather than higher dose. That's why I brew higher mg/ml dosed gear, so I can achieve the desired dose in lesser volume.
        Same for me. High volume is much more painful than higher dosed gear. But for some it's opposite. I do know 500mg test is brutal. But anytime I use over 2ml, I do got a little PIP, but it's not debilitating. 3mls or more gets ugly.
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