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FINALLY! First go at a Proper Peptide Cycle. Please Look...

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  • FINALLY! First go at a Proper Peptide Cycle. Please Look...

    After many years of reading logs and studying peptides, I'm finally going to do this! I'm more excited about this than my first AAS cycle. Lol. I have decided to go with CJC-1295 (with DAC) and GHRP-6. The plan is 6 months, but there is no definitive time table. It may be ran indefinitely. My wife is joining me on running them as well, so we both have some questions. As far as I have read, women can take the same dose as men, but I think we are going to use less for her, as she is much more health conscious than myself. Here are the layouts for each of us, and please advise and critique as you see fit.

    CJC-1295- 2mgs weekly (1mg pinned Mondays and Thursdays )
    GHRP-6- 100mcgs 3x daily

    And I'm running an 8 week blast with this as well.

    Cotagirl (wife):
    CJC-1295 - 1mg weekly
    Ipamorelin -100mcgs 2x daily (once upon waking, once before bed)

    Any suggestions or recommendations as to how we are running this? Anything anyone would add? We plan to start this in 5 days. Thanks for reading!
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    even for me I want to know the answer, please


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      I know I'm on the right track with this. My biggest concern/question is the cjc1295 dose for my wife. I think she should be using the same doses as me, and I'm afraid that the benefit might not even be worth it at 1mg weekly, but I could be wrong. I know the ghrp-6 is causing some crazy hunger! Didn't do much until I started using the GHRH. Now it's crazy!


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        100mcgs thats mean 10 unit ?