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First time peptide use questions

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  • First time peptide use questions

    Hello! For the past couple of weeks I have been researching about peptides and naturally raising my HGH/igf-1 levels. There is so much that I'm confused and would appreciate help with what to use. Basically I want something that is going to raise my Hgh/igf-1 naturally as not to harm my pituitary gland or harm me. Im looking for the build lean muscle/sleep better/anti aging benefits also avoiding a gh bleed. Also is there a period to use it then switch over to maintenance to keep the effects or is it an everyday rest of your life thing? Thanks for any help!!

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    You can run a ghrp and ghrh indefinitely. A great way to start, and I can't think of anything better, is cjc 1293 (mod29) and a ghrp of your choice. Ghrp-6 is a really good one for an increase of appetite. Ipamorelin is supposed to be the most selective ghrp out there. Ghrp 2 is also a good one. It is just whatever suits you.