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Pain From Follistatin-344 Peptide?

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  • Pain From Follistatin-344 Peptide?

    I was just wondering is it normal to feel pain a few hours after injecting Follistatin-344 into a muscle and even the next day? It doesn't hurt constantly but if i touch or press on the injection site i feel a pain like i have a big bruise or something. It's been like that for about a day and a half so not too long.

    I am paranoid because i recently saw a article about injection abscess and im new to muscle injections so im hoping it's not infected or something.

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    Are muscle injections that feel like a bruise common for newbies at injecting? I injected about 0.3ml (not too much) and used a alcohol swap before to wipe it and also the vial top, then i massaged the area slightly and wiped with the swap again. I am not sure how good the mixing water is so i am paranoid.

    The area is very slightly reddish so you can slightly notice a difference in skin color.

    Is a abscess possible from peptide injections into a muscle? If i get one from my first muscle injection ever that would put me off injections forever.

    With real steroids is there pain for a few days for newbies?


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      Yes. The feeling of bruises in virgin muscle is very common and is no concern at all. And a lot of the pain depends on the carrier oil of the hormone or the dose per ml. High dosed gear can cause irritation, also high oil volume can cause irritation. High benzyl alcohol can sometimes cause immediate burning. I've injected 7 days a week for over 5 years (more or less) and still get pain in certain areas. I had a terrible case of cellulitis in my quad last Christmas that was so bad that I couldn't walk for 3 days. That was literal. I had to use a cane.