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    Good info Dan, thanks for that!


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      Great information. An IGF-1 Profile is on the list, yes. Not too long.


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        Originally posted by Dan C View Post
        That is correct. The claims people have made about "OMG my triceps got significantly larger after pinning them with IGF-1 for several months" are all pretty much 100% unfounded broscience. The fact is that these people are overlooking other factors and are not really approaching this issue logically. It just so happens that their triceps in all likelihood would have become X inches bigger even if they pinned their IGF-1 subcutaneously over those several months, AND the fact that pinning it in the specific muscle is going to give a localized inflammatory response (from the injection itself), and that alone will give a [temporary] increase in size. People just don't understand how certain things really are working in their bodies.

        Will some of the IGF-1 pinned locally reach receptors in that muscle first? Okay, this is what I like to call splitting hairs, and the hair-splitting answer is: yes. But is the amount of IGF-1 provided to that specific muscle it is being injected into first going to be significant enough to warrant taking the time to spot-inject that muscle? NO! If someone wants to waste extra needles (because remember, now you have to use TWO needles) and the extra time/frustration/inconvenience of spot-injecting, they can go ahead and do it. But, to me at least, there really is no significant amount of difference enough to justify that extra hassle.

        The whole hoopla about IGF-1 giving site growth is all the same hoopla back in the 1960s - 1980s when nobody knew anything about anabolic steroids that went around saying the exact same things about anabolic steroids, claiming that they too gave site-specific growth. Broscience. We now know that isn't the case. At all.

        IGF-1 LR3 only needs to be administered once daily, as the modification to its protein structure extends its half life in the range of 20 - 30 hours, I believe. Other peptides, such as the GHRH and GHRP type peptides do need multiple times daily administration.

        Hey Dan, love this thread btw, probably one of the most informative I've ever read on the topic. I actually just joined today after reading this thread and other posts on here like this one.

        Quick question for you. I started a ghrp-6 and cjc no dac cycle recently (100mcg each, 3 times a day...upon waking, post workout and before bed) while also using test e 500mg twice a week. At the same time I bought the ghrp-6 and cjc I picked up a couple of viles of igf-1 lr3. Is there any concern in beginning to use igf-1 lr3 while taking the above? I was thinking to use 20mcg post workout sub q.

        I'll be honest, I am totally new a the peptide world and have only ever done your basic test and tren cycles. Any thoughts or recommendations would be much appreciated.


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          I'm going to bump this old thread just due to the incredible information! Wow. I'm soon to start igf lr3 along with the cjc 1295 w/ dac and ghrp 6. I'll be running test/npp with this with a quick 4 week kickstart of anadrol. I'm pretty excited and this thread, I felt, needed to be bumped.


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            I am very interested in this as well. I am about to get some pharmaceutical IGF1-LR3 on order in a few minutes. My purpose I hope other than the muscle hyperplasia is to assist in a thigh injury. The doctor who is prescribing this, on his site lists it in the injury section so I assume it should have some kind of positive effects in helping the healing process. If it does not then I will be more than happy with what I have read here as per how this peptide works. Fingers crossed.