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The Big 4 Supps for a Healty Testosterone Replacement Therapy

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  • The Big 4 Supps for a Healty Testosterone Replacement Therapy

    I would like to start out by saying that these are my own opinions, and if you have any questions that I didnt cover, please ask and I will add it to the list. Ill answer them as fast as I can. There is a lot to go over here, so take your time and read it slowly. There really is some great information I have found in here.
    I am going to go into depth the areas of Pregnenolone, DHEA,Melatonin, D3(hormone), and PDE5-inhibitors. Most of all these products are OTC at the moment, and we could make one heck of an AAS just by using these I would imagine. Anyways, I will list the compound, then the pros and cons, then a brief summary of their mechanisms or action. Followed by why we should be using them wether in TRT or a long cycle. Any questions, feel free. If I cannot get the answer you wanted, someone can. So without further ado, I shall begin:

    Preg has alwasy been know to improve memory and help with depression. It is a great compound to supplement for these reasons alone.
    Pregnenolone is a key building block in the body’s steroid hormone production during the cellular growth process powered by mitochondria. Mitochondria act as the power source to drive the growth of cells in the body by generating ATP – short for adenosine triphosphate – a form of chemical energy. In a typical human cell there may be thousands of mitochondria, which also contain pregnenolone.Pregnenolone certainly plays a vital part in hormone production: From the steroid hormone Progesterone, to estrogen, Testosterone and the dhea steroid hormone (short for dehydroepiandrosterone), Pregnenolone is behind them all.

    Take alook at this simple chart

    While pregnenolone benefits had been established and found safe to use as a pregnenolone supplement, it wasn’t until the 1990s that pregnenolone rose to prominence again – this time as an anti aging memory enhancer and an aid to boost memory.

    Research cantered on the brain hormone factor and how pregenenolone benefits mental health and wellbeing as part of the complex steroid hormone production process. The scientific community was interested in how the pregenolone metabolic process could influence mental health, stress and depression, with pregnenolone supplementation perhaps acting as an anti depression supplement.

    In addition to stress and depression, pregnenolone supplementation also entered the anti aging arena to address mental decline and memory loss, and act as a memory enhancer. As optimal levels of pregnenolone are known to be important for mental health and cognitive functions, pregnenolone therapy came to be viewed as an important anti aging product, along with fellow cognitive enhancers such as Idebenone, piracetam, Hydergine and Vitamin B12.

    As a memory enhancer, the pregnenolone hormone action appears to aid knowledge acquisition and boost long term memory capabilities. A 1995 clinical study produced pregnenolone testimonials vouching for its effectiveness, particularly in relation to use of dhea to improve memory capabilities. During this trial, pregnenolone was found to be a potent memory enhancer – and possibly up to 100 times more effective than dhea.

    Women embarking on the post-menopausal stage of their life may also find pregnenolone benefits them, as it offers a natural estrogen therapy and way to increase estrogen.

    A pregnenolone supplement is available in tablet form and as a pregnenolone cream. As a natural supplement, Pregnenolone is safe to use and presents few side effects. However, care should be taken if you have a history of seizures due to the way that Pregnenolone reacts with the GABA receptors in the central nervous system.

    From anti inflammatory arthritis pain relief to help with depression and memory loss, discovering more about pregnenolone presents a range of anti aging benefits

    I would also like to add, the transdermal creams, sublingual drops, and gels do in fact have a better bioavailability than tablets, even micronized.

    Lets now go over the main benefits for the use of Preg while using TRT:

    1. Its a precursor to DHEA
    2. It is produced in the adreanal glands and brain
    3. Can raise the levels of steroids (meaning-a little AAS will possibly be more powerful mg/mg)
    4. Neurosteroid used for peak brain function (Much welcomed with TRT patients)
    *5. Initiate the memory storage of the brain

    This is just getting better and better. Most all TRT guys have these same complaints time after time.

    6. Regulates the flow of calcium ions throughout the cell membrane
    7. As stores of preg and DHEA are depleated with advancing age, there is a marked and often dramatic decline in neurological synchronization required for optimal mental function.

    In the 1940s it was used to
    1. lessen pain
    2. promote energy
    3. strength and mobility

    It lost all favor with the introduction of cortizone,which infuriates me to this day. As another article I posted proved the corticosteroids were far lass supierior to AAS. Anyways, off track. There is strong evidence on strong influenceson peoples learning and memory capabilities. Also, it is a GABA A(benzodiazipene) receptor in low doses.

    There is a possible future where it can be used to assist in the treatment of ADHD, and help with low levels of social depression)

    50-200mgs daily for men and women.

    My Thoughts: Since Preg is so well known to help mental clarity, initiates mental storage(helps remember things, which is a commonside effect for most TRT patients), can raise the levels of other steroids, wether natually occuring in the body, or introduced steroids. During the natual agingprocess, not only does testosterone levels drop, but the reason for this has to be because Pregnenolone and DHEA also decline, andthat is the underlying cause.Without preg, there would be no DHEA, and hence, no testosteron. Pregnenolone is the prohormonal precurser to DHEA andTestosterone. Will all of the other benefits from above, my biggest question would be, why would you not takeit? Another thing. Even if your not on TRT, take it while on cycle to have these same benefits and to keep your other hormones as stable as possible. Remember also, transdermal creams are the best method of delivery, with over 90% being bioavaiable. I have been taking 60mgs of pharmacutical grade, ultra micronized and it works, but is very expensive and dont last as long as a tube of cream. Either way, if purchasing an oral, get the micronized, not the bargain bin PREG.

    Proc Natl Acad Sci USA 1997 dec 23;94(26):148656-70
    Semeniuk, T et al. The Journal of Nueropsychiatry and clinical Nuerosciences 2001;13:396-398

    DHEA is said to "back fill" hormonal pathways as to allow for Testosterone to get to the receptors and bind there. Basically what the job of the DHEA is, to seek out all of the negative receptors and bind to them so that the testosterone wont be able to bind, and hence, thay attatch to the androgen receptors. This sounds good, if not great, but there is no clinical data to support this. Dr Crisler is about the only proponent of this theory at the moment, but he (if anyone) can prove it due to his limitless work ethic and "need to know facts" mentality. It really does sound good. But since these "back filling" properties of DHEA havent went to clinical trials yet, I cant in good faith put it as another action that DHEA has because in my mind, it dont. So we will move on to some more benefits of DHEA and what is actually know about it and how they should be used.
    1. DHEA is a neurosteroid (like preg, so you can see some synergy potential there)
    2. May protect the brain from neurodegeneration
    3. mood enhancement, well-being, and normally an anti-deppressant effect
    4. Increases libido in women
    5. in men, DHEA improves insulin sensitivity
    Women and DHEA
    Helps with bone density, vaginal lubrication, mood enhancement, counteracts glucocortoroids, protects agianst catabolism and bone loss. It can increase Testosterone levels in women. It also may improve body composition, as it does so in men.

    Raises IGF-1
    *Based on in vitro and in vivo
    -Stimulates the immune system

    *Recommended dose for men on TRT would be 25mgs 2x daily (total of 50mgs daily)

    Another Diagram:

    Mech Aging Dev 2002 Apr 30;123(8)

    MyThought: There is no doubt in my mind that DHEA takes a sharp decline, the same way and time that testosterone does. This is no coincidence, as having low DHEA levels would only natually mean that T levels are also low because DHEA precurses Test. There may be some truth to the "back filling" of the hormone pathways. Only time will tell on this one. I hope it is true, as this would make DHEA a super-hormone.
    This is another fairly cheap supplement. Any pharmacy sells it, health foodstore, or supp shops. I will also say that the transdermal creams seem to be the best bet in the same way I described PREG. BioA is better. IF you do decide to gothe route of tablets, make sure you get micronized. I cant stress this enough. DHEA will get destroyed inthe digestive tract if it is just 1 solid tab. You need the micronized in order to help prevent this from happening. BUY DHEA!

    Here is one I bet alot of you guys didnt know much on as far as its benefits to TRT. I didnt have a clue. It is just one of those supplements we should use to keep as normal as possible. Here are some benefits:

    1. Manages circadium rhythm of the inner clock (essentially helps restart your sleep patterns)
    2. Lowers body Temp
    3. Secreated by the pineal gland

    Anti-Oxidant Properties
    1. Protects lipids, protiens, and DNA
    2. Stimulates glutathione
    3. Protects mitochondria
    4. Protects against ionizing radiation
    5. It is a free radical scavenger

    Just by the list above, this makes methink melatonin is a no brainer. All of the effects is has are proagonists to us and we should use them. This supplement took me back a bit just because I thought it was a 1 or 2 trick pony.

    Here are some even more benefits of melatonin:
    -Enhances immune function
    -inhibits tumor growth
    -counteracts stress induction
    -increases in CD4 cells, natural killer cells
    -Activates cytokine system when needed
    -Decreases pro-inflammatory cytokines

    Now that we have seen the almost miraculous benefits of melatonin, we arent even done with it yet. It is a strong fighter against cancer, and possibly one of the best. I honestly though this was only for sleep and a tan. I never knew the need for this, especially for TRT.
    -inhibits tumor growth through anti-mitotic activity by down regulating the activity of the receptors.
    -decrease of estrogen binding in the breasts.
    -enhanced immune response
    -free radical scavenging
    -improved outcome in glioblastoma, malignant melanoma, and breast cancer, used along with chemo/radiation with high melatonin dose

    -Reverses osteoporosis
    -improves sleep and GH release
    -the "hangover" subsides after a few days.


    1/2 hour before sleep. Start low 0.5mg then ramp up to 3-10mgs if needed. Tolerance will develope, but typically levels off between 3-10mgs. For people who wake up through the night, get timed relesed. For those who cant fall asleep, get sublingual or drops.
    Expose yourself to sunlight in the AM upon waking.

    My Thoughts: Sleep patterns can be tough on older men. This is a way to trick the internal clock and it is able to completly change their sleep patterns. Melatonan isnt thought of as being beneficial to TRT patients, but after all I found, it is definitely worth a look! Testosterone at the beginning can cause sleepless nights and it could be anxiety, nearves, etc, all of which supress T levels. So now do you see a synergystic rythm here and why PREG would benefit this supplement? Since Pred acts as an anti-anxiety medication, it would assist melatonan into doing its purpose. These thought are only covering sleep, but look up again at what all melatonin does for the whole body. It is amazing stuff, and it WILL be in my pill dispenser next week! It seems sleep is more ofa secondary effect and that is the effect it is sold for. Free radial scavengers are about as good as it gets. It means for me, I have less worry about cancer, 77% less worry to be in fact. It is so much more than sleep.


    With D3,the benefits are almost fairytail, but there has been enough research to prove it to be totally accurate in itsclaims, and even more!

    D3 recptors are found in:
    Reproductive organs

    We're off to a good start. The placement of receptors will come into play.
    Vitamin D regulates calcium and phosphorus, which promotes bone density and mineralization. It also enhances phagocytosis, where WBCs destroy bacteria, debris, and possibly viruses(which is important to us since our NEW higher testosterone can cause immune system suppression)
    Low D has been linked to RA (rhumatory arthritis), Crohns, multiple sclerosis, psoriasis, lupus, and fybromyalgia.
    People who have chronic pain, heart disease, or breast, prostate, and colon cancers are more likely to have low levels of D. Vitamin D appears to have an influence in proliferation (cell division)as well as differention, which means if it helps divide cells, it make sure that the divided cells dont become cancerous.
    Vitamin D is one of the best anti-cancer supplements onthe market today. More research is done with D3 testing than any other hormon, at present. I imagine it is most likely due to many years of rigorously testing hormones such as anabolic and pharmacuticals first. Maybe vitamin D is just the new crazt to research. Either way, I am glad the research is happening!

    Vitamin D is involved in the death of unheathy cells, and old cells.
    The first randomized, placebocontrolled evaluation, showed a 77% lower risk for cancer. This was a 4 year trial. They concluded that there are no other supplements that have shown to lower the risk of cancer by a margin even close to vitamin D!

    Anti-Aging Benefits

    Vit D slows the end segments of chromosomes(telomeres) that protect DNA.
    Many studies have shown that D slows the speed of aging by up to 5 years.

    Getting Vitamin D
    It is made by the skin from exposure to the sun. As you age, your skin becomes thicker and less able to produce D, therefor supplementation must be done in order to keep levels up.

    A few studies and notes

    -Most all people are D deficient.
    -The Male reproductive tract has been identified as a target tissue for vitamin D.
    -Vitamin D supplementation was MORE effective than sunlight exposure. It was EVEN MORE effective for the supplementers to be exposed to natural sunlight.
    *It boosts testosterone through two mechanisms:
    1. Calcium balance
    2. Aromatase regulation
    Vitamin Ds primary purpose is to control the amount of calcium in our tissues, which is critical for all bodily systems/functions.
    -Research has found that men with the lowest D levels also had the lowest testosterone levels. Men with the highest D levels had the highest Testosterone levels. Coincidence?

    A study which included overweight, nondiabetic, healthy men with lowish T levels were given 3000IU of D3 per day. These men also had what was considered low levels of D, under 50nml/l.
    Results: Total, bioavailable, and free test levels increased by 25.2%, 20.0%, and 20.3%! No more test boosters from the supp shop!
    Based on these results, it wont cure hypogonadism, but it is a great boost from a CHEAP supplement.

    Dosing- 400-1000IU daily (non TRT)
    1000-5000IU daily for TRT OR
    50,000IU once a week <<<<<I hate this method. It doesnt make any since to me at all, other than thats the only way pharmecutical companies can make money off of vitamin D, that what I think.

    Horm Metab Res 2011 Mar; 43(3):223-5
    Osteoporos Int. 2011 Mar;22(#):873-82
    endocrinology, Apr 2000, 141:1317-24
    Clin Endocrinal (oxf), Dec. 2009
    Horm Metabs Res, 2011 Mar, 43(3): 223-5

    My Thoughts: There are so many with D3. I cant say anything negative about it. I do think alot of people overkill D3, but it can be used fairly high with great benefits. And what a testosterone booster? What supplement can do that? NONE! Unless they use D3 and abunch of proprietary blend to make more money. The cancer fighting on this one is unbelievable. Everyone should be taking D, but make sure youre deficient, although you probably are. Even so, use a small dose around 400IU. Its not going to hurt. I use 5000IU daily and all is well. Been doing this for 3 months now. And it is so cheap, you dont really have an excuse. The aromatase regulation is another cool aspect of it. I am sold for sure!

    PDE-5 Inhibitors-Im not going to say much hear that you guys dont aleady know, but use viagra or cialis! Both have been shown to increase free test by crazy amounts, up to 50% long term! I like cialis the best, and I take 10mgs daily. Prostate health is always an issue with an aging man, and cialis has shown to lower PSA, which is a good thing. It also acts as a mild form of blood pressure control. No references because you can literally wiki this and see why this should be taken. If given a choice between AAS and cialis, cialis wins everytime.

    In Summary: All of these supplements assist in doing one thing, and one thing alone. They are meant to keep our bodies normal and regulated during our time or TRT. They arent to benefit us directly, but it is a BIG plus that they do. Some of these supps could allow us to live fuller, happier, and riskier lives. We use them only to regulate our body, but anything else we get from them is great! TRT is all about being what we used to be, or what we should be, nothing else. We do this to extend out lives, but most importantly, to enjoy our lives. Without testosterone and these great supplements, we could be depressed, moody,fatigued, obese, underweight, aneimic, etc, etc, etc. Hell on earth. Hopefully this thread will help some of you guys out and have given you some things to take from it. That was my goal here. I love talking TRT and being involved with this article, I have learned way more than I knew before. So because of my passion to get this site rolling, I felt we had a need here to draw in not only AAS users and diet gurus, but draw in men who might be struggling with the decision of TRT. It is a scary thing, but with detailed information, it can make things less scary and they may possibly learn and know more after they read this.
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    D3 is coming tommorrow. Im wore out tonight and its way past bedtime. I do have alot more to add to what I have already written, I just wanted to get started with the posts so that it might save some time and get this up quicker.
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      Good stuff, excellent.


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        Guys, I am sorry this is taken me so long. I promise I am trying to get this up ASAP. I will try to have it complet by tonight. There will be updated material to all of the supps. This much was posted just to help me speed it along, and it is nowhere near complete. I have everything right here, it is just hard trying to make these notes understandible and translate what I have written down into something that wont bore you guys to death.


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          Almost done guys. Putting it into words as we speak. I've got quite along time left tonight doing this, already at a total of 6 solid hours today, and I really think ill have it all up by tommorrow afternoon. Its going tk be good and I'm taking my time to keep from it being boring. I will ask if the title can be changed once complete if thay is ok. Thanks for all of you patience. And sorry Admin for this dragging on. Ill post it as fast as I can!


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            very nice post Warmouth!! about time you show some general intelligence. JK! haha I`m going to look into these more now.. A natural and safe TRT is the best TRT


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              Originally posted by Mini-G View Post
              very nice post Warmouth!! about time you show some general intelligence. JK! haha I`m going to look into these more now.. A natural and safe TRT is the best TRT
              Thanks Mini. It isnt complete yet, but I am trying to finish it up quickly. I still have D3 to go, plus adding quite a bit more to the others. Then Ill summarize it all up.


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                Originally posted by warmouth View Post
                Thanks Mini. It isnt complete yet, but I am trying to finish it up quickly. I still have D3 to go, plus adding quite a bit more to the others. Then Ill summarize it all up.
                Take your time.


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                  Originally posted by Admin View Post
                  Take your time.
                  Don't listen too him.

                  Do it NOW


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                    Lol. I should haveit all finished up and posted tonight. I got my wife on my back about finishing it, so she'll see that my time is in getting in completed!


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                      Originally posted by warmouth View Post
                      Lol. I should haveit all finished up and posted tonight. I got my wife on my back about finishing it, so she'll see that my time is in getting in completed!
                      You go wifey!!


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                        DONE!Done! Wheeeew! Maybe we should name the title something different. Like "5 Must Have Supplements for T Replacement" or something on those lines. Ill let Admin choose what he like the best. I added another supp, so maybe the 4 in the title might make people think I'm daft. Man o Man! I am off to bed.....Goodnight guys and post alot for me while I am away.

                        Thank you all for your patience. I have alot of hours into this one. I definitely put more effort into this that any high school work, lol. Thanks Admin for giving me the time and opportunity to do something I am passionate about. I hope all of you guys will enjoy this!
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                          Jesus dude. Nice!!! Will get to reading. I skimmed a bit but I'm out and about


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                            Originally posted by Mini-G View Post
                            Jesus dude. Nice!!! Will get to reading. I skimmed a bit but I'm out and about
                            Thanks Mini. Even though it is completed, and everything has been pretty well covered, I will continue to add here and there as I find more information.


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                              Originally posted by warmouth View Post
                              Thanks Mini. Even though it is completed, and everything has been pretty well covered, I will continue to add here and there as I find more information.
                              I have some more to add to this when I get a free minute. I will post some negative that have been experienced bu some (very rare) and add some more to the DHEA, which I missed a lot from my notes. I will also fix the typos.