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Late puberty

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  • Late puberty

    Is it really common for guys with low T to also hit puberty late?

    My doc asked me yesterday if I hit puberty late. How did he know? In fact, I was so late for some reason, that my family doctor suggested to my parents that they might think about holding me back a year in school.

    Did anyone else experience this same kind of thing?

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    Yes, puberty is pretty much when your endogenous testosterone levels surge and you experience the symptoms of an increased testosterone level. Hair growth, deepening of vocal chords, increased labido, muscle mass, gynecomastia can be evident, etc...

    This can happen late in those that are hypogondal, or in extreme cases, not much at all and require medication.


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      Absolutley. I know a guy right now who is 24 and is pitiful. Hypogonadal and hispuberty was pathetic. Sad and rare case.