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  • Elbow Pain

    Hey guys, I wanted to have a different thread present than the last one. But anyways, I did triceps 2 days ago and for some reason, today my elbows are in alot of pain. I know it is probably tendonitis or something simliar, but it is mainly right on the tipsof the elbow bone. There is some discomfort on the inside, but just putting my elbows ona table or counter is really painful. Almost feels like a bruised bone. I think when doing skull cruchers, I am forcing to keep my elbows in, which is not natural. I have been noticing they are uncomfortable lately to do. Is there any suggestions ya'll may have to ease the pain? Should I skip triceps next week? I dont want to cause more injury and be out of training for a long time due to impatience, but being "on", I dont want to lose ant gym time. Plus, I have plateaued majorly.

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    Seems like you may have tendinitis. Do you feel any uncomfortable feeling in your shoulder?


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        I am even not sure how the above link will help the OP.


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          The first thing is to consult with the doctor. Try to do what he/she said. Thanks!


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            You know I have a simple rule I just avoid exercises that are painful like straight barbell curls or warm up with a few sets of light high reps here
, and take an alleve before training as needed.