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Need help with PCT and post finasteride syndrome.

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  • Need help with PCT and post finasteride syndrome.

    Hi guys,
    1 - 15 years back (i'm 37) in the era where info on the internet was scarce, i asked someone at a supplement store if he could give me something to give me strenght thats not a steroid. It was a big mistake. I was young and immature. A week later he gave me a prohormone called M1T. He told me its not a steroid. I didn't know back then that it was the worst type of pro hormone that can wreak havoc.
    He told me that i didn't need to take anything else with it. I didnt understand but now i know he meant PCT.
    Long story short. WHile taking it a few weeks in, i felt a strong pain in my right testicle and then i felt and saw it shrink. To this day it never came back to its original size and it feels empty. Since then i litteraly felt like i lost my right testicle.
    2- Add to that a couple of propecia cycles distanced by about 8 years the last one ended 1 year and a half ago ) and now ED creeped in. Im very devastated mostly because all this is affecting me psychologically and litteraly psychologically since i read that you need DHT for proper cognitive functions. I have huge energy issues, depression and sleep problems. Strange thing is that a few years ago ( before i did a second propecia cycle) i had tested my testosterone and all the values came back high. But since the 2nd propecia cycle, i cant have an erection or morning wood (which were very frequent before.)

    Question is, i know im wayy late with this but is there any possible benefit into trying a PCT now ? To maybe reverse the shrinkage and kickstart my dht issues... I guess im also wondering, do i have anything to lose. The post propecia battle is a big one since they haven't found a cure but they suggest PCT protocol on forums for propecia users as well.

    IF yes, i know your not supposed to source anything but could i have any suggestions on how to go about doing it ? Even if its through private messaging.

    Thanks a lot in advance. I never mustered the courage to bring it up in the past but now im scared for my life. Its affecting my relationship, my mood, my work (im on disability, i had strong suicidal thoughts.) . Doctors can't help me so far anyways.

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    You need to get a full blood panel and see where you are.