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PCT layout confirmation before starting

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  • PCT layout confirmation before starting

    Hi all , hope u are fine. So, I am finishing my cycle this week (wk12), did my homework for the pct layout but feel not totally sure about it so want to share it with u and get feedback of it.

    So the cycle was 12 weeks lenght and layed out this way:

    wk 1-12 sustanon 200mg twice a week (400mg/week)
    wk 1-6 oral winstrol 40mg/ed (280mg/week)
    wk 6-12 tren ace 100mg/eod (300mg/week)

    wk 1-12 aromasin 11.5mg/ed
    wk 6-12 cabergoline 0.25mg/week

    See the winstrol dropped off after finishing the 6th week and was overlapped with the first wk of tren ace that was kept till the end supported with caber on minimal dosage just to be on the safe side. Aromasin was used from start to finish.

    Now the PCT:

    wk 1-2 HCG 1000ui E2D (monday/thursday/sunday/wednesday/saturday = 5000ui total)
    wk 1-2 Aromasin 25mg/ED
    wk 1-6 Tamox 20mg/ED (40mg/ED week 1)
    wk 1-6 Clomid 25mg/ED
    wk 1-6 Cardarine 20mg/day

    What do you think guys? Now my doubts:
    1- HCG... not sure if it goes or not , has both many in favor and many against it , then the way to split it in case it works... better small dosis or just 2500/2500wk or 5000/wk ?
    2- as Sustanon being a mid/long ester based version , how many days/weeks need to space the cycle from the pct? a week? two weeks? ten days? more? less?

    Well, hope I did it clear for you to help. Any advice will be welcome!