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Help! Erectile Dysfunction and libido death

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  • Help! Erectile Dysfunction and libido death


    im 28 years old and 170lb. i ran a cycle of winstrol, sustanon and anavar for 8 weeks, i didnt make a PCT at that moment(big mistake)

    sustanon 500mg per week
    winstrol 150mg per week
    anavar 30mg ed

    one month later

    i took HCG 5000iu every 5 days for 3 weeks (3 shots of 5000iu) with 50mg of clomid ed, 20mg tamoxifen ed and 25mg proviron. and i still having libido death and erectile dysfunction. i did a blood lab, and my strongen was super high 273 and normal range is 40-115 pg/ml.

    the dosage of HCG i used was 2 months ago but i still taking tamoxifen, clomid and proviron.

    One day my nipples are ok and another they look different, if i press then i can see a little drop of transparent liquid and sometimes hurt me.

    ive been with this problem for 2 months, im desperate. what i can do? should i run HCG again? and buy arimidex?

    thank you.
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