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need a good diet!!!

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    Originally posted by LARGERTHANNORMAL View Post
    i still dont know why everyone uses the long version of math for this, lol but oh well still works

    200x.9 = 180
    That was the formula I was looking for.


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      Eat turkey/chicken breast, tuna/salmon fish, cheese, lean beef, egg whites, tofu, beans, milk and yogurt more in your meal plans as they are rick source of proteins and to meet your fitness goals.
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        Originally posted by fins247 View Post
        Hello all! I need a good diet with high protein!! I dont care for fish at all. Im doing protein shakes three a day. Protein bars for breakfast.
        I want to suggest some food items having proteins in it. These food items are Cheese (Non-fat Mozzarella) having 32 g protein, Lean Beef and Veal (Low Fat) having 36 g protein, Beans (Mature Soy Beans) having 17 g protein, Nuts and Seeds (pumpkin & watermelon seeds, nuts as almond & peanuts) having 33 g protein in it. I hope this info will be useful for you.


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          Healthy eating is not about strict dietary limitations, staying unrealistically thin, or depriving yourself of the foods you love.


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            Women need at least 50 grams of protein a day -- men about 60 grams per day. This extra protein can come from beans, meat, nuts, grains, eggs, seafood, cheese or vegetarian sources like soy. These diets often restrict carbs like cereals, grains, fruits, and possibly vegetables(indianworkouts)