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First time cycle advice , please help !

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  • First time cycle advice , please help !

    Hello all ! I need your expertise! I'm about to start a cycle with Test E . My plan as of now is for 10 weeks followed by a 3 week pct. I have Aromasin and Nolva for my pct. A little about me... I've been going to the gym naturally off and on for most of my life, but, I have had large breaks in between. sometimes 6 months or so, like that. I am in decent shape now, but just skinny, lol. I have read how i should be working out hard for at least a year or so before doing any cycle. although the internet is full of contradicting stories. I am back at it again in the gym for over a week now naturally. I've never tried a cycle before and have done lots and lots of reading and more reading about it. I just want to know a few things before I engage in my first time at cycling.

    My stats : 34 yrs old - 5'9 - 145 lbs

    My cycle looks like this: Test E 500mg/pr wk - 10 weeks

    Aromasin & Nolva - wk 12- 15

    My questions are this: 1. How much should I use for the Aromasin and Nolva during my PCT?

    2. Can I run my Test E cycle without AI's / SERMS at the same time?

    3. Can I have a good PCT with just Aromasin and Nolva?

    4. Am I ok to cycle even though I've only been back to the gym for a week now after about 6 months off?

    Thanks ! Any information you can give this Nubie will be greatly appreciated !

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    Welcome Jdawg, good to have you...

    First let's talk about your proposed PCT, Aromasin is an amazing compound, I use it myself, but it's not intended for PCT, it better utilized as an on cycle AI. Nolvadex is great for PCT, it does a great job of restarting your natural testosterone production.......many combine it with Clomid & have great success.

    Dosing & Length of use: It is strongly recommended you use an on cycle AI for several reasons, all of which will be covered in the link to an article that I will pos for you momentarily, now.....your PCT after a 10 week cycle should run 4 weeks, your Nolva. dose / schedule should look like this...40/40/20/20.

    As for cycling while only having been back to the gym just now......personally, I would wait, Irecommend you take some time to get your diet tuned in for building mass, get a good rhythm going at the gym & get your body "broke in" again.
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      Have a look at the above write up's an amazing incite to on cycle AI's.....& put together by one of our very own.
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      "I am immortal......I have within me blood of kings.........I am man can be my equal"


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        Thanks Bear, that's some good info! I read the write up and it was very interesting. So I am adjusting my schedule to include Aromasin with the test e during my cycle. Then try to get Clomid to take with the Nolva for pct. Problem is... I can't find clomid here. Just have the nolva that I can find and it's cheap. But is just Nolva enough? I also don't find HcG anywhere. I'm in the Philippines and they have some stuff... but only certain ones.
        I plan to continue longer with my gym break in period. probably a good month working it hard and eating lots should be good. I eat a ton and it's all clean, so no problems there. I don't take any shake gainers or vitamin pills, suppliments, etc. Is that ok as long as I'm eating a lot?

        Just to be sure I'm putting up the new cycle. Not much different, but, i want to be very organized about this to be sure I'm not messing anything up. I'm sure you already know since your a veteran in this area.

        looks like this: Test E 500mg/wk 10 wks

        Aromasin 10mg/ed 10 wks


        Nolva 40/40/20/20 mg/ed week 12-16

        Just another few questions:

        1. Do you think my measurement is correct with the Aromasn? 10mg ed?

        2. Is it still alright if I don't use liver supplements or other vitamins during my cycle? Because I'm not using any oral Anabolics.

        4. Is my PCT ok if I just have Nolva? Or if I have to... what other Serms would you recommend with Nolva? Provided i can find them.

        5. If i can't get Hcg can I still have a full recovery?

        Its still a work in progress. Any other useful information would be great as well! Thanks again!


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          I have never used Clomid with my PCT, all of my PCT's have been Nolva. only & I havealways had a 100% success with recovery........NOW.......that being said, keep in mind your body is different than mine, you may in fact need the Clomid....idk.

          HCG: I would definitely get ahold of some, it serves very efficiently as a gateway to a easier, faster, full recovery.

          Your Aromasin dose is good, but you may need to adjust up or down 1 or 2 mg, just pay attention to your body it will tell you when something is wrong.
          ."The only easy day was yesterday"

          "I am immortal......I have within me blood of kings.........I am man can be my equal"


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            Nolvadex as the only SERM during PCT is very adequate. Clomid is outdated, and far less effective than Nolvadex for these purposes. You do not need it and I in fact advise against its use. You can read more about this in our Clomid profile. There's also information on this in the Nolvadex profile as well.
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              Thanks guys! That sounds good! I appreciate all the quick feedback! I got plenty of nolvadex that i'll go with for pct. I'll try to find the HcG or equal if possible. I'm going to run that aromasin with my test E during cycle also. should be great! I plan to post my results as I progress and or if I run into any problems. Can't wait! Thanks again!